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Unit6 Lesson 1

My father has short hair

花沟初中 李玉国

? Head head I have big head ? Eyes eyes I have small eyes ? Ears ears I have big ears.

He has big head.

Is that…?

What is Tom’s mother like?

2、What’s Tom’s mother like?

She has long hair.

What’s Tom’s father like? (Tom的爸爸是什么样子?)

What’s Tom’s father like? (Tom的爸爸是什么样子?)
He is _______ and ________. tall strong He has_________ short hair

ball t


Listen and circle the new words:

Is that your father?

No. My father is

_____and______. tall strong

Is that your father?

No. My father has short ______ hair.

Is that your mother?

No. My mother long has _____ hair.

Look! parents My ______ are coming

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Is that your father? No No My father is tall. My father is strong Is that your mother?. No No My mother has long hair.

Let’s talk
Look! This is my sister. This is my brother.

She has long hair.

He’s tall. He has big eyes.

He is\She is ______. He\She has ______. He\She likes__________.




I like _____. He\she has ____.

It’s an animal. It’s big and strong. It has four legs. It has two big ears. It has long nose. What is it? Guess.

It’s an animal. It’s small. It has two long ears. It has two red eyes. And it’s has a short tail. What is it? Guess.

1、 Listen to the tape and read after the tape 2、用今天所学的句型向你 爸爸妈妈描述你的朋友。

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