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牛津6B Unit练习3









a big post office_____________

a train station______________ 到达公园____________ 坐6路公交车____________ 在第一个十字路口______ 向左转___________ 下公交车_________________ 想要参观北京________________ 居住在淮安_________________ a small shopping center___________ a nice history museum_______________

pick a card____________ a good middle school______________ a primary school___________ a bus every five minutes______________ran out of the shop___________ ran faster than me ______________


1.Mr Green is __________ ( live ) in Shanghai.

2.Chen Hua ________ (come ) from China.

3.Liu Hua ________ (want) to _______ (visit) the zoo.

4.Lucy and her twin sister________(take ) No.9. bus last Monday.

5.How many______(stop) are there ?

6.Please get off at the ________ (two) stop.

7.Turn right at the third ________ (cross). You can’t miss it.

8. We have ten ______ in our grade. (class)

9. Is that _______ football? Yes, it is. (they)

10. Excuse _______ . Are you Mr. Green? (I)

11. Those are ________students. (China)

12. There are many ________ on the hill. (sheep)

13. Would you like ________ shopping with me? (go)

14. Let me ______ you my new dress. (show)

15. What are these? They are ______ . (apple tree)



_____ Jim as ______ as Mike? Yes,______ ______.


Who _____ _____ _______,you or ______ ______? My ______ is.


Can ______ help ______? Yes,I’d like a ______ for my _______.


______ ______the _____ one? It’s too ______.Do you_____any _____ ones?


_________ ________ can Tom ________? _________metres. 你能比Tom跳得更远吗?我想我不能。

________ you _______ ________ than Tom? I think I _________.


________ pencil is ________,________ or _______? ________ is. 7.穿橙色衣服的男孩比穿白色衣服的的男孩游泳游得更好吗?不。

_________ the boy ______ _______ swim __________ than the boy ____ _________? No,________ _________. 8.你的学校离这里多远?大约二公里远。

______ ______ is your ______ from _____?It’s about ____ kilometres ____. 我怎样更快到达那里?你可以乘计程车。

_________ can I _______ there _________? You can ________ a taxi. 9. 你在8路公交车处上车,在第五个站头下车。

You ______ _____bus No. 8 and _____ _____ at the ______ _______. 10.请问邮局在哪里?它在那里,在公园前面。

__________the ________ _________? It’s _______ ________,in _________ ________the __________. 11.你有兄弟姐妹吗?没有。

________you have ________brothers ______ sisters? No. 12.谁想要读这些新单词? 让Jim来。他读得比我们所有人都好。 _______ would like to ______ the _______words?

_______Jim _______ it. He ________ ________than all of _____. 13.对不起,请你告诉我去购物中心的路好吗?

沿着这条街走,然后在第三个路口左转。它在你的右边。你不会找不到的。 Excuse me, can you _______ _______the _______to the ________ center, please?

Go________the ________,then _______ _______ at the ________ ___________.It’s ______your __________.You _______miss it. 四、从B栏中选出A栏的应答句.

A ( )1. Are you a student?

( )2. Where’s Lucy’s bike? ( )4. How old is your uncle? ( )6. Who is Kate?

B A. No, I can’t. B. They are girls. C. I don’t know. D. She is my friend. E. It’s a map of China. F. They’re American. G. Yes, I am.

H. It’s under the tree. I. Yes, he does. J. Yours is.

( )3. Are they American or English? ( )5. Are the twins boys or girls? ( )7. What’s that on the wall?

( )8. Can you see the car on the hill? ( )10. Does Mike run faster than me?

( )9. Whose pencil is longer, yours or mine?

五、阅读短文,做正误判断,对的写"T", 错的写"F"

Linda’s eyes are not good, so she often wears glasses. But when she goes out with Jim, her friend, she doesn’t wear her glasses. When she comes back home, she puts on her glasses again. Linda’s mother asks her, “But Linda, why don’t you wear your glasses when you are with him? He takes you to many beautiful places in his car, but you can’t see anything clearly. (清楚地)” “Oh, mother,’’ says Linda, “but I look nice to Jim when I am not wearing my glasses and he looks nice to me, too.’’

( )1. Linda can’t see everything clear if (如果) she doesn’t wear her glasses.

( )2. Linda wears her glasses when she is with her friend Jim.

( )3. Linda’s mother wants to know why Linda doesn’t wear her glasses when she is with

her friend.

( )4. Jim takes Linda to many beautiful places.

( )5. Jim looks nice to Linda when he is wearing her glasses.

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