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UNIT16 On the London Eye

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UNIT16 On the London Eye
Written Exercises 书面练习

绿豆豆英语 绿豆豆英语 绿豆豆英语 绿豆豆英语

Match A and B
1 Pass me … 递给我... 2 Can you see any people.. 你能看见一些人们… 3 There are some new boats… 有一些新小船… 4 He can play football… 他可以踢足球… 5 Give him those old books… 给他那些旧书… 6 Are your children… 你的孩子们… 7 Those men over there… 那边的那些男士们… 8 She’s a student… 她是一个学生… 9 Who is that woman… 那个女士是谁… 10 Your new pyjamas… 你的新睡衣…

A …on the river. …在河面上 B …late for school? …上学迟到 C …are in the washing machine. …在洗衣机里 D …at the art college. …在艺术学院 E …are very strong. …非常强壮 F …on the bridge? …在桥上 G …in the red coat? …穿红色衣服 H …very well. …很好 I …on that shelf. …在那个架子上 G …the binoculars please. …望远镜

Sentence Structure句子结构
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Write in the missing words. 填入所缺单词 fun 1 Oh, Jack! Isn’t this ______? 2 Can you believe _____? it the 3 _____ ____ River Thames. That’s at the 4 Look ___ all ______ bridges! the 5 Pass _____ ____ binoculars! me Can any 6 _____ you see ____ ships there? on 7 There ____ ____ people ____the bridge. are some

Listening 听力


Flora’s father

? Listen and look at the picture. ? Answer these questions. There are eleven people in the picture. Which one is Flora ? Which one is Flora’s father?

Crossword Puzzle 填词游戏
c h u a m r e r e a a p e r c h b i v e r i d y d g o p l e

Let’s review 复习
起床 吃早饭 吃午饭 吃晚饭 去上学 去上班 回家 去睡觉 上英语课 (语文 数学 音乐 美术 体育) 做作业 看电视 看影碟 看书 看望祖父母 去游泳 去购物 去远足 爬山 做早操 做运动 踢足球 做早操 打乒乓球 弹钢琴 打扫我的房间


Let’s review 复习
小组活动: 说说下面的词组

get up eat breakfast eat lunch eat dinner 起床 吃早饭 吃午饭 吃晚饭 go to school go to work go home go to bed 去上学 去上班 回家 去睡觉 have English (语文 数学 音乐 美术 ) music art ) do homew 上英语课 class (Chinese math 做作业 watch TV watch videos 看电视 看影碟 read books ( read a book) visit grandparents 看书 看望祖父母 go swimming go去远足 去游泳 去购物 shopping go hiking 爬山 做早操 climb mountains do morning exercises 做运动 play football play ping-pong play the piano play sports 踢足球 打乒乓球 弹钢琴 打扫我的房间 clean my room




在周末 在星期一 在星期日 在早上 在下午 在傍晚 在晚上 在中午 下个周末 这个周末 下个星期六
on the weekend on Monday on Sunday in the evening next Saturday

in the morning in the afternoon at night a

t noon next weekend usually often this weekend sometimes

Let’s review 复习
1. When do you do morning exercises? I usually do morning exercises at 8:30. 2. When do you play sports? I usually play sports at 3:30. 3.What do you do on the weekend? I often go shopping. 4.What do you do? (询问职业) I am a policeman.




? I often go hiking ,too. ? I can’t go hiking, either.
练一练 too I am a student . He is a student ,_____. I can wash the clothes. Zhang Peng can wash too the clothes ,____.

Sarah can’t play the piano. I can’t play the either piano ,______.

Homework 作业
1.跟读《新概念》Lesson 31 三遍。 (注意模仿语音语调) 2.跟读同步课本第一单元内容两遍。 3.以 This is my day 为题目,用不少 于5句话写一写你的一天。下次课展 示。

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