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小升初奥英阅读 Lesson Eight

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Lesson Eight

Thanksgiving Day

Picture this: family members travel far for a good meal together. The big dish is a roast turkey. People don’t often eat this bird at other times of the year. That’s what American people do on Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday of November.

But do you know how the day started? We have to go back about 400 years. In 1620, the first group of English people came to America by ship. They lived there, but didn’t have enough to eat. Many of them died of hunger during their first winter in America. But the Indians helped them grow crops after the year.

So the English people spent three days eating and playing to celebrate the good harvest. That was the first Thanksgiving. It’s a time to give thanks for others’ love and help in life.

On Thanksgiving Day, most people in the US go back home. They may have to travel a long way to be with their parents or grandparents. No one wants to be alone on that day.

Thanksgiving is also a day for a big dinner. Many dishes go with the turkey, like sweet potatoes, pumpkin pies and cranberry sauce.



1. The big dish is __________ on Thanksgiving Day.

A. dumplings B. a roast turkey C. a roast pig D. pumpkin pies

2. _________ helped the English people grow food.

A. Indians B. The French C. Europeans D. Canadians

3. On Thanksgiving Day, most people in the US________.

A. go back home B. work as usual

C. go out to travel D. go shopping


1. How did the first group of English people come to America? They came to America ________ ________.

2. Do people often eat turkey at other time of the year?

_______, they ________.

3. Why did many English people die during their first winter in America?

Because they didn’t have _______ _______ ________ . Many of them died of ________.


一、 BAA

二、 1. by ship

2. No; don’t

3. enough to eat; hunger

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