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Unit 1

1. 所有的学生 all the students 2.回到学校 be back at school

2. 许多花和树 a lot of flowers and trees 4.新学期 the new term

5. 一个漂亮的花园 a nice garden 6.第一天 the first day

7.在你家附近 near your house 8.互相 each other

9.见到彼此 see each other 10. 互相帮助 help each other

11.在街上 in the street 12.再次见到你 see you again

13.在花园附近 near the garden 14.三个阅览室 three reading rooms

15.一个新大楼 a new building 16.一个乒乓球室 a table tennis room

17.让我看看 let me see 18.看一看 have a look

19.我不确信 I’m not sure 20. one (序数词)first

21.new(反义词)old 22.a lot of (同义词) lots of

23.look (同义词)see 24.there(反义词)here

25.good(反义词)bad 26.let’s(完整形式)let us

27.isn’t(完整形式)is not 28.I’d (完整形式)I would

29.driver (动词形式)drive 30. 在篮子里 in the basket

31.在晚上 in the evening 32.一个大家庭 a big family

33.我们…怎么样?shall we … 34.在盘子里 on the plate

35.在学校 at school

Unit 2

1.一个新房子a new house2.杨玲和她的父母 Yang Ling and her parents

3.居住 live in 4.在她学校附近 near her school 5非常喜欢…like …very much 6.一个大的起居室a large sitting room

7.在你的卧室里 in your bedroom 8.在墙上 on the wall

9.一张世界地图 a map of the world 10.在我的床附近near my bed

11.在我的椅子上 on my chair 12.在我的课桌下面 under my desk

13.在门后面 behind the door 14.在猫的嘴里 in the cat’s mouth

15.戴黑色帽子的兔子 the rabbit in black hat 16.看起来高兴 look very happy 17.居住在上海 live in Shanghai 18. black (反义词)white

19.little (近义词)small 20. on (反义词)under

21. I (物主代词)my 22. her (人称代词)she

23.large (近义词)big 24.large (反义词)small

25.study (复数)studies 26. they (宾格)them

27.mouse (复数)mice

Unit 3

1.在一节音乐课上at a Music lesson

2.下午三点three o’clock in the afternoon

3.在音乐室里 in the music room 4.上一节音乐课 have a Music lesson

5.唱一首歌 sing a song 6.拉小提琴 play the violin

7.学这首歌 learn the song 8.唱歌跳舞 sing and dance

9.listen to the teacher 听老师说 10. follow me 跟我学

11.制作一个木偶 make a puppet

12.制作一个模型飞机 make a model plane 13.弹吉他 play the guitar

14.骑马 ride a horse

15.把一本书放在你的头上 put a book on your head

16.吃一个冰激凌 have an ice-cream 17. 找到他 find him

18.在黑板后面 behind the blackboard 19.讲台 the teacher’s desk

20.在门后面 behind the door

21.课后 after class 22. write(现在分词)writing 22.23.make (现在分词)making 24.dance (现在分词)dancing

25. can’t (完整形式)cannot

26.swim(现在分词)swimming 27.ride (现在分词)riding

28.have(现在分词)having 29.put (现在分词)putting

Unit 4

1.他的家庭 his family 2.would like to do sth 想要做某事

3.买东西 buy things 4.一个万圣节聚会 a Halloween party

5.需要些巧克力need some chocolate 6.买些面具 buy some masks

7.一个南瓜灯 a pumpkin lantern 8.别的什么 what else

9.什么面具 what masks 10. 一些马面具 some horse masks

11.你的零钱 your change 12. 多少钱 how much

13.喜欢熊猫 like pandas 14.一个公交车司机 a bus driver

15.在周六和周日 on Sundays and Saturdays

16.打乒乓球 play table tennis 17.看电视 watch TV

18.和我们的朋友 with our friends 19.在晚上 in the evening

20.听音乐 listen to music 21.喜欢游泳 like swimming

22.喜欢阅读 like reading 23.看这些斑马 look at these zebras

24. family (复数)families

Unit 6

1.做家务 do housework 2.在星期天早晨 on Sunday morning

3.在家 at home 4. 做家庭作业do homework

5.空闲 be free 6.扫地sweep the floor 7......怎么样?How about ?/What about ? 8.擦窗户 clean the windows

9.过来帮我 come and help me 10. help me with English帮我学英语

11.一节数学课 a Maths lesson 12.今天下午 this afternoon

13.洗衣服 wash clothes 14. 帮...做... help...with ...

15.制作一个蛋糕 make a cake 16.画画 draw pictures

17.you (物主代词)your 18.sit (现在分词)sitting

19.write (同音词)right 20.come (反义词)go

21.看起来不错look good 22.What are you doing ?你正在做什么?

23.I’m listening to music 我正在听音乐


Unit 7

1.放学后 after school 2.在下午 in the afternoon

3.放学了 classes are over 4.寻找look for

5.在办公室里 in the office 6.在操场上 in the playground

7.打篮球 play basketball 8.加入他们 join them

9.去操场 go to the playground 10.去图书馆 go to the playground

11.寻找他 look for him 12.寻找她 look for her

13.在图书馆学习 study in the library 14.打扫图书馆 clean the library

15.去加入他们 go and join them 16. 读一份报纸 read a newspaper

17.读一本图画书 read a picture book 18.读一本杂志 read a magazine

19.下棋 play chess 20.打牌 play cards

21.玩溜溜球play with a yo-yo 22.坐在一个篮球上 sit on a basketball

23.买一本书 buy a book 24.追赶 run after

25.在书房里 in the study 26.玩电脑游戏 play computer games

27.在风筝上 on the kite 28.洗一些东西 do some washing

29.I’ll (完整形式)I will 30.繁忙 be busy

31.aren’t(完整形式)are not 32.let’s(完整形式)let us

33.I’m(完整形式)I am

Unit 8

1.一次野营旅行 a camping trip 2.他们的老师 their teachers

3.在小山附近 near the hill 4.在一个野营营地 at a camping site

5.互相出示他们的东西show their things to each other 6.一个大帐篷 a big tent 7.坐在她的帐篷附近 sit near her tent 8.一罐鱼肉a tin of fish

9.两罐鱼肉 two tins of fish 10.一罐鸡肉 a tin of chicken

11.几罐鸡肉 some tins of chicken 12. 在那边 over there 13去看看看 go and see 14.两条毛毯 two blankets

15.一盒巧克力 a box of chocolates 16.一些水果 some fruit

17.有许多玩具 have a lot of toys 18.长头发 long hair

19.大耳朵 big ears 20. 又跳又跑 jump and run

21.画一张脸 draw a face 22.剪下这张脸 cut out the face

23.制作两个小孔make two small holes 24.小眼睛 small eyes

25.一张大嘴巴a big mouth 26.进行一次野营旅行 go on a camping trip

27.they(物主代词)their 28.have(第三人称单数形式)has

29.she (物主代词)her 30.he (物主代词)his

31.long(反义词)short 32.big (反义词)small

33.thin (反义词 fat 34.they (宾格)them

35.children (单数)child

Unit 9

1.一节美术课 an Art lesson 2.教她的学生关于形状的内容 teach her students about shapes 3.学习怎样画他们 learn how to draw them

4.看黑板 look at the blackboard 5.放飞筝 fly a kite

6.什么形状 what shape 7.画一个正方形 draw a square

8.画一个长方形 draw a rectangle 9.画一个三角形 draw a triangle

10.多少个圆 how many circles 11.五个圆 five circles

12.到黑板这来 come to the blackboard 13.向我们展示怎么做它 show us how to do it 14.我不知道 I don’t know

15.别忘记 don’t forget 16.在纸上 on the paper

17.做饭 cook rice 18.teach(名词)teacher

19.fly (第三人称单数形式)flies 20.right (同音词)write

21.sun (形容词)sunny 22.old (反义词)new

23.open (反义词)close

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