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姓名 _________ 等级__________

一 、 请写出下列英语单词。(17)


交通规则____________ 医院____________ 图书馆__________ 西方_________ 邮局_________直行___________向左转___________放学后___________

到达___________ 我的十二岁生日聚会_______________________ 买一双鞋____________ 上车/下车___________ 交通信号灯___________

二、 根据括号内的要求,写出单词的相应形式。(6)

1.five (序数词)___________ 2. south(反义词)_______ 3.supermarket(汉语)__________

4. go(现在分词)________ 5. minute(复数)____________ 6. Canada (汉语)__________


1. ( ) The hospital is far _______ the shoe store.

A. near B. of C. from

2. ( ) Yellow light means _________

A. wait B. go C. stop

3. ( ) Give _______ a kite.

A. I B. my C. me

4. ( ) We must ________ blackboard

A. look B. look at C. looking at

5. ( ) The bookstore is in front of the shoe store.. The shoe store is _______ the bookstore.

A. beside B. behind C. over

6. ( ) Get off _____ the cinema.

A. at B. on C. in

7. ( ) You can ______ the No.3 bus to get there.

A. by B. take C. go

8. ( ) _________ three traffic lights in every country.

A. Have B. There is C. There are

9. ( ) Go straight _________ three minutes

A. on B. for C. with

10. ( ) Can I go by the No. 1 bus ? ________

A. Sure B. The bus is coming C. No, you don’t.

11. ( ) Is there a cinema near here? __________|

A. No, it isn’t. B. Yes, there is. C. No, there is.

12. ( ) My home is south of the library. The library is ________ of my home.

A. east B. south C. north

13. ( ) I _____ buy a shirt.

A. want B. want to C. wants to

14. ( ) Tom’s home is on the ______ floor.

A. fifth B. five C. fiveth

15. ( ) I know the traffic rules. _____ he doesn’t.

A. And B. But C. Also

四、 2) There is a museum ________ our school.

3) My home is________the left of our school .

4)Bill goes to school________bike.

5)You can go to the zoo by__________.


1. You can ___________ by the No.12 bus. ( go/goes)

2. The traffic __________ are the same in every country. (light/lights)

3. In _________ ,drivers drive on the right side of the road. (England/China)

4. _________ at a yellow light. (Stop/Wait)

5. I want to buy ____________shoes. (two/a pair of)

6. Walk straight________ five minutes. (for/in)


( ) 1.How do you go to school? A. You can go by the No. 3 bus.

( )2.How can I get to the bank? B. Sure ,if you like.

( ) 3. Where is the post office? C. Yes, there is.

( ) 4. Is there a park near here? D. Usually I go by bus.

( ) 5. Can I go by train? E. It’s in front of the shoe store.

八、改写句子。(10) 划线部分提问。

___________________________________ 同上。


3. Is there a cinema near here? 否定回答_________________________

4.There is a bus on the right side of the road. 改为一般疑问句。


5. Can I go by the No. 1 bus? 肯定回答。__________

6.He can go by the No. 14 bus. 改为一般疑问句。


7.to, party, Saturday, come, please, twelfth, 6 pm, on, at, my,birthday连词成句 _____________________________________________________________________

8. three, hospital, walk, the, for, straight, to, minutes连词成句


9. She goes to work by bike. 改为否定句及一般疑问句。



10. We go to the park by bus. 改为一般疑问句。



(一)How can I get to my school?

My name is Sarah.My home is near our school.I usually go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bike.First,I walk east for 3 minutes from my home,then I turn right and go straight for 4 minutes, I can see my school,it’s on the right,next to the bookstore.


West← ↑ →East ↓



American boys and girls love to watch television. Some children spend six hours a day in school and four to six hours a day in front of the television set. Some even watch television for eight hours or more on Saturday.

Televisions are like books or films. A child can learn bad things and good things from them. Some programs(节目) help children to understand (理解)the news, others show people and places from other countries or other time in history. With television a child does not have to go to the zoo to see animals to the ocean to see a ship. Boys and girls can see a play, a concert or a game at home.

Television brings many places and events into our homes. Some programs show crime(犯罪) and other things that are bad for children, so parents sometimes help them to find other interesting things to do.

( )1. Some children spend eight hours more _______.

A. studying B. playing games

C. watching TV D. helping their parents.

( )2. On television children can see _____.

A. games B. big animals

C. oceans D. almost everything

( )3. Children usually spend _______ a day in school.

A. six hours B. more than eight hours

C. only a few hours D. four hours.

( )4. “Television brings places and events into homes” means_____.

A. television makes things happen in homes

B. we can know places and events without going to see them.

C. we can see houses and buildings on TV.

D. we can find them easily.

( )5. Parents sometimes help their children find other things to do when there is

____ for children .

A. a bad programs B. an animal C. a game D. an uninteresting film

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