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六年经下册M1 Unite 1 I want a hot dog, please.

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Module 1
Unit 1 I want a hot dog , please! 古浪县晨光完全小学
王 顺 琴

hot dog $2.00


two dollars

four dollars

lots of dollars

hamburger $3.75


fourteen cents

a lot of cents



A: What do you want?


B: I want



A: How much is it? B: It’s .
$ 1.25

Listen and answer the questions.
1.Is a hot dog really a dog? No,it isn’t. 2.What does Daming want? He wants a hot dog and a cola. 3.What do they want? They want two hanburgers,a hot dog and three colas. 4.How much is it?

It’s thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents.

Waitress: Can I help you? A: I want B: I want Waitress: And to drink? A: I want B: Waitress: That’s A: Waitress: A: Waitress:

, please. . . for me, too.

How much is it? It’s . Here you are. Thank you! Enjoy your meal!

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