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Unit 4 Will you come to my birthday party

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1.Say something about this cake.
2.How to celebrate a birthday party ?

Unit 4 Will you come to my birthday party?

Lesson 24

cake ice cream


ice cream


triangle cake

rectangle cake

round cake

square cake

light the candles and sing the birthday song

make a wish

blow out the candles

cut the cake

使用主语I, You, He/She, They 说句子
注意: 当主语是三单he/she时,谓语动词也要用 三单(即谓语动词加s /es)。

a cup of tea

a glass of juice

a cup of tea /coffee a glass of juice / water /milk ; a piece of cake / bread
a piece of cake

--Would you like a cup of tea?
--Yes, please. --No, thanks. I’d like a glass of juice.
注意1 : 如果要表达两杯茶,三杯果汁,五块蛋糕 等等,我们必须在量词 cup, glass , piece 等词的 后面加 s 或 es,后面的不可数名词不要加.

Exercise 1
C 1.Would you like ___ ?

A. a cup tea C. four cups of tea

B. four cups of teas D. four cup of tea

2.Would you like___ rice? B A. Any B. some C. to any D. to some

D 3.Would you like ___ football with me? A. to plays B. to playing C. play D. to play

注意2:Would you like some +名词?表 示“你想要……吗?” 这是征求对方意 见或希望得到对方肯定答复的句子,这时 候用some代替any 用于疑问句中.回答是 Yes ,please. / No, thanks. I’d like…. 注意3: would you like+ to do sth. 表示 “想要做某事”=want to do sth. =feel like doing sth.

回答是:Sure.I’d love/like to ./I’m sorry,but….

Let’s read and chant .
My friend Frankie Fu and I , Buy some fruit and apple pie . These are nice birthday gifts, For our friends ,Freddy Fry

Copy the words . Remember the words .

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