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学校 四年级班 姓名 分数 一、Read and cirele (读一读,全出划线部分发音不同的单词。)10分

1、 2、 3、 4、 5、

二、Read and choose. (选出正确答案。)10分

( )1.— is in the classroom?

A blackboard and some chairs.

A.How B.What C.How many

( ) 2.—Mike, we have a now classroom.

A.Really? Let/ s go and see.

B.Nice to meet you.

C.It/ s near the door.

( ) 3. —Look!

—Wow! It/ s so big!

A.This is our new classroom.

B.This is our new classmate.

C.This is Sarah.

( ) 4.—Look at the picture.

A.Oh,it/s nice. B.Thank you. C.Nice to meet you.

( ) 5.—Let/s clean the desks.

A.OK. B.Thank you . C.Nice to meet you.

三、Match and talk.(连一连,说一说。)10分

1. Who/s your best friend? A. Her name is Amy.

2. What/s his name? B. Chen Jie.

3. What/s her name? C. OK!

4. A boy or girl? D. His name is Mike.

5. Let/s paint. E. A girl.

四、Read and choose, (选出画线单词的反义词。)10分

( )1.Sarah has long hair.

A. quiet B.short C. Big

( ) 2.John is very stong.

A.fat B.tall C.thin

( ) 3.Wu Yifan has two big black eyes.

A.cute B.white C.blue

( ) 4.Amy/s nose is very small.

A.big B.new C.thin

( ) 5.Zhang Ping is short.

A.Small B.new C.tall

五、Read and judge. (认真阅读My family , 并判断对“√”错“×”。)10分

My family

This is my family . My grandparents are farmers . My mother is a teacher . She is very friendly .My father is a doctor. My aunt is nurse .She has long hair. My brother and I are good students. This is my little puppy, he is cute .My family is happy.

( ) 1. My father is a doctor .

( ) 2.My grandmother is a farmer .

( ) 3.My grandfather is a driver.

( ) 4.My mother is a cook.

( ) 5.My aunt is a teacher.

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