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He can't see.

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外研社新标准小学英语(三年级起始用) Book 5 Module


Module 7 Community
Unit 1 He can’t see

play with children Dogs can__________________.

Dogs can_______________. help the police

Dogs can__________________. save people’s lives

Dogs can___________________. look after the house

Dogs are very_______! useful

TV programmes are useful.

What’s the TV programmes about?

He can’t see.

He can’t see. He is blind.

She can’t hear.

She can’t hear.

She is deaf.


This man is blind. He can’t see, but he can hear.

This girl is deaf. She can’t hear, but she can see.

They can’t find people.



These firemen can’t find people.

Who helps them?

Pair work:

He/She is … He/She can’t …
… help(s) him/her.

He is blind. He can’t see. The dog helps him.

She is deaf. She can’t hear. The dog helps her.

These firemen can’t find people. These dogs help them.

Watch and answer:
1.Can they have a dog? 2.What are hot dogs? Are they dogs?
(香肠) No , they’re sausages.

A Listen and tick T or F.
(F )1. There’s a programme about cats. (T )2. Lingling likes dogs. ( F)3. Dogs are not useful. (T )4. The dogs can help these firemen find people. (F )5. Lingling has got a dog.

B Fill in the blanks.
hear, blind, can’t, programme, him, her, firemen

blind 1. She can’t see. She is ______.

2. This man can’t _____. He is deaf. This hear him dog helps ____. 3. This girl _____ walk. Her mother helps can’t _____. her programme 4. The __________ on TV is about animals. 5. The dogs can help firemen find people. ______

This is … It can …, but it can’t…

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