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六年制 四年级 英语

学校: 班级: 姓名:

A B 1.What's your name? A.I’m ten. 2.How old are you? B.Yes ,I am. 3.How are you? C.My name is Betty. 4.Are you a pupil in Grade Four? D.I'm fine.

5.Is the farm big ? E.No, Its small.

一、根据汉语补全单词。(每空1分,共15分) k nd(和蔼的) fru ts(水果) t dy(整洁的) h rse(马) v ll ge(村庄) w lc me(欢迎) k t hen(厨房) f rm r(农民) b aut ful(漂亮的) m ddle(中间)


( ) 1 A. teacher B. nurse C . boy D . student

( ) 2 A . he B. I C. she D. they

( ) 3 A. eighty B. old C . eleven D. thirteen

( ) 4 A .what B. where C .who D . this

( ) 5A.eggplant B.goat C.carrot D.potato 三、在B栏中找出A 栏句子的对应句子。(20分)

6.May I have a look? F. It's me. 7.Glad to meet you. G.Oh,yes. 8.Who is the boy on the left? H . Sure. 9.Is this your bike? I.Over there. 10.Where's the zoo? J.Nice to meet you 四、英汉互译: (20分) 1、This is our new flat. 2、汤姆有一只山羊。 3、What a beautiful photo ! 4、你住在哪儿? 5、who is the

girl in the middle ?


( ) 1. beautiful!

A.How B.how C.What

( ) 2.Where A.is B.am C.are ( ) my home.

A.in B. to C. on ( ) 4.What you ?

A.colour B.about C.time

( ) 5.The moon the sky is bright and round.

A.in B.on C.at

六.情景选择。( 15分)

( )1.当你想知道对方书包的颜色时,说:

A. What's this ?

B. What colour is you bag ? C. What's in it ?

( )2. 当你想买东西问价钱时,说

A. How much ?

B. How many? C.How it is ? ( )3. 当你想告诉对方你有五枝钢笔时,说:

A. I have five pens. B. I have 5 pen. C. I like 5 pens

( )4. 当你想告诉对方你吃饱了时,说:

A.I'm heavy. B.I'm big . C.I'm full. ( )5. 当你想知道对方有什么时,说:

A. What do you live ? B. What do you have? C. What do you do?

七、阅读短文,判断正误。正确的写(T),错误的写(F). (10分)

I’m a teacher . My name is WangPing . I’m from ShangHai .

I usually get up at six and have breakfast at six thirty . I go to work at seven . I like singing , dancing , swimming . I like singing best

( )1. The teacher’s name is WangPing . ( )2. She’s from BeiJing .

( )3. She usually get up at six thirty . ( )4. She like dancing best .

( )5. She like singing .

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