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四年级英语第二学期期末检测试题 (时间:50分钟 满分:100分 ) 听力部分(60分) 一.听录音_____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ ,写出你所听到字母相邻两边字母的大小写。念两遍(8分) _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 1._____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ 2.3.4.二.听录音,选出你所听到的单词,短语或句子。念两遍。(5分) ( ) 1.A. noisy B. rude C. quiet D. polite ( ) 2.A. pot B. soil C. light D. die ( ) 3.A. lamp B. vase C. radio D. sofa ( ) 4.A. garden Hotel B. Moon Hotel C. Sun Hotel D. space Hotel ( ) 5.A. once a week B. watch boat races C. get presents D. go ‘trick or treat’ 三.听录音,选出你所听到的句子。念两遍。(8分) ( ) 1. A. I brush my teeth twice a day. B. I water the plant once a day. C. I brush my teeth once a day. ( ) 2. A. You should throw rubbish in the bin. B. He should throw rubbish in the bin. C. She should throw rubbish in the bin. ( ) 3. A. When do you get up? B. When do you go to bed? C. When do you go to school? ( )4. A. In autumn,the weather is cool. B. In winter,the weather is cold. C. In summer,the weather is hot.

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( )5. A. You need to stay in bed.

B. You need to drink a lot of water.

C. You need to have a rest.

( )6. A. Will the robot sweep the stairs?

B. Will the robot clean the toilet?

C. Will the robot sweep the floor?

( )7. A. Here we are. B. Here you are. C. Here it is.

( )8. A. Which bus goes to the airport?

B. Which bus goes to the temple?

C. Which bus goes to the hotel?


( ) 1. A. What’s your favourite colour?

B. What’s your favourite subject?

C. What’s your favourite season?

( ) 2. A. What’s the matter with you?

B. What’s wrong with her?

C. What’s wrong with him?

( ) 3. A. Make a snowman. B. At six. C. In spring.

( ) 4. A. She’s fine,thank you . B. He has a fever .

C. He should stay in bed.

( ) 5. A.I have a cold. B. He has a fever. C.She gets up at 7:00.

( ) 6. A. I like Christmas. B. I like Chinese. C. I like spring.

( ) 7. A. Is there a lamp? B. Are there two radios?

C. Will there be lamps?

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( ) 1. The plant will grow quickly.

( ) 2. The robot will set the table.

( ) 3. Because we can get lucky money.

( ) 4. There will be vases.

( ) 5. When do you get up?

( ) 6. I’m from Shenzhen.


( ) 1. What day is it today?

A. Saturday B. Sunday C. Friday

( ) 2. Mary and Cindy want to go to_______.

A. Shenzhen B. Beijing C. Guangzhou

( ) 3. At four o’clock we have to_________.

A. stay here B. go home C. have a picnic

( ) 4. Why do we have to go home quickly?

A. Because it starts to rain.

B. Because it starts to snow.

C. Because it starts to get cloudy.

( ) 5. It is _____ in the afternoon.

A. sunnny B. windy C. cloudy

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( ) 6. Are they happy?

A. Yes they are B. No,they aren’t C. Yes,they do.


1.Tim usually_____his teeth once a day.

2.I want to be a doctor in the________.

3.This plant will grow________.

4.Don’t be_______in the bedroom,the baby is sleeping.

5.Please take this_____and stay in bed.

6.I like_______,because I can make a snowman.


一.判断下列单词划线部分的发音是(∨)否(×)相同。(2分) 1.large warm ( ) 2.telephone elephant ( ) 3.hotel grow ( ) 4.soil boy ( )


( ) 1.A.ugly B. lovely C. early D. slowly

( ) 2.A.apple B. banana C. fruit D. orange

( ) 3.A.January B. Year C. April D. May

( ) 4.A.one B.once C. two D. three

( ) 5.A.temple B. museum C. hotel D. China


1. We usually make ____ in winter.

2. It’s good for us to get up _________.

3. The plants need water,light and________ .

4. We can go to the space in a ______.

5. Go down this road.


( ) 1. My sister ____her hair once a day.

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A. comb B. combing C. combs ( ) 2.Lily water the plants

A. doesn’t B. isn’t C. don’t

( ) 3. Class begins _____ seven thirty.

A. at B. in C. on

( ) 4.Don’t ________rude again.

A. is B. are C. be ( ) 5. Look! He is rubbish in the bin.

A. throws B. throwing C. throw

( ) 6. What’s the _____ like there in spring?

A. wrong B. matter C. weather

( ) 7.Halloween is _______ October 31 every year.

A.in B. on C. at

( ) 8.What does this plant need ? It ____ water.

A. need B. needing C. needs

( ) 9.You shouldn’t eat chocolate and sweets.

A. a lot B. lot of C. a lot of ( ) 10.There are seasons in a year.

A. two B. three C. four


1. There are five ________(sheep/sheeps)on the farm. 2. The pet shop is on the (two/second)floor. 3. He will (clean/cleans)the vase.

4. Mary usually___________ (brush/brushes)her teeth twice a day.

5. There______ (is/are)a DVD player and DVDs. 6. The children _____ (is/are)at home. 7. In summer, it often _____ (rain/rains)in Shenzhen.


( )1.Will there be lamps in your house?


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A.Yes, it will. B.No, there won’t C. Yes, there is. ( )2.Thank you.


A.You’re right. B.Sorry C. You’re welcome.

( ) 3.你想知道深圳夏天的天气怎么样,可以问:

A. What’s the weather like in Shenzhen in winter ?

B. What’s the weather like in Shenzhen in autumn ?

C. How’s the weather in Shenzhen in summer ?

( )4.别人夸你的衣服很漂亮,你应该说:

A.Thank you. B.Where? C.You’re welcome.

( )5.你看到小明上学就快迟到了,你想叫小明快一点,你应该说:

A.All right. B.Hurry up ! C.Don’t be late.

( )6.你想知道对方是哪里人,你可以问:

A.Where are you ?

B.Where are you from ?

C.How are you ?


Lily is from Beijing. Her favourite festival is Christmas, she can get some presents from her friends and her parents. She is a model student. She has good habits. She always gets up early and never goes to bed late. Tony is her classmate. He doesn’t comb his hair every day. And he doesn’t like eating vegetables and fruit. He is a naughty boy, too. He can’t answer teachers’questions in the class, and he always makes his teachers very angry. So Lily wants to help him. Now they are good friends.

( )1. Lily is from Shanghai.

( )2.Christmas is Lily’s favourite festival.

( )3.Tony is a model student.

( )4.Lily wants to help Tony.

( )5.Tony and Lily are good friends now.

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