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第五册U3Lesson1 When is your birthday

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Unit 3 Happy Birthday Book5

Lesson 1 When is your birthday?

寨里小学 王瑜

一、 教材分析

Unit 3 Book 5的主题是Happy Birthday, Lesson 1 When is your birthday?的语言功能是谈论自己或他人的生日所在月份;学习任务为When is your birthday? It’s in March.

二、 学情分析


三、 教学目标

(一) 知识目标

1. 能听懂、会说、认读、规范书写单词:party , when;能听懂、会说、认读单词:March, May, April, October;并结合句型灵活运用。

2. 能听懂、会说、认读句型:When is your birthday? It’s in March.

(二) 能力目标

能够运用所学句型:When is your birthday? It’s in March.谈论生日所在月份。

(三) 情感目标




1.单词:party, when, March, May, April, October,

2.句型:When is your birthday? It’s in March.






Step 1 Warm up


2.Sing a song. Happy birthday!

T:(出示图片) This is my friend Lily. Today is her birthday, would you like sing a song for her?

3.T:Let’s play a guess game. Guess which month?(出示图片:六月,七月,九月)

Step 2 Presentation

1.T: Today, we’ll learn Unit3 Lesson1 When is your birthday?引导学生朗读标题。

2.Listen to the tape and find the new words. 引导学生找出新单词,并教授。Party, when, March, April, May,October

3.出示Listen and say 部分图片,提问:What’re they doing? 引导学生回答:They’re having a birthday party.

4. Listen again, and answer the question: When is your birthday, LiMing? When is your birthday, Peter? 引导学生回答:It’s in March. It’s in May. 板书并操练句型。

5. Read paragraph 3&4 and answer the question:

When is WangHong’s birthday? 引导学生回答:It’s October 7.

6.Read these new words again.

7.Listen to the tape and repeat.

Step 3 Practice

1.Read in different roles and show.

2.出示Let’s talk图片,复习月份March—October。播放Let’s talk部分录音,学生模仿跟读,同桌操练。

Step 4 Production

Let’s do a survey.

Step 5 Summary

Read the words and sentences together. Step 6 Homework


2.调查朋友或家人的生日月份。 板书设计:

Unit 3 Lesson 1 When is your birthday? It’s in March. May. It’s October 7.

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