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B Let’s talk





First, the seed. Then, the sprout. Next, the plant and the flower.

Where does the flower come from? It comes from

the plant


Where does the plant come from? It comes from

the sprout .

Where does the sprout come from? It comes from

the seed


?How to plant a flower?
Plant the seed in the soil. Put the pot in the sun.

Add water often.

Wait for a sprout .
Wait for a flower to grow.

Listen and put in order.
a. First, put the seeds in a pot.
b. Water the seeds. c. You can see a sprout in several days.




several days 几天


several books 几本书

several songs 几首歌曲
several pictures 几幅画 several months 几个月 several weeks几个星期 several flowers 一些花 …

several _________

What are you going to do this afternoon?

I’m going to plant flower seeds in our garden.

How do you do that?
It’s easy. First, put the seeds in the soil. What should you do then?

Water them.
In several days, you can see a sprout.

How do you plant a tree?
( 2) Then put the plant in the soil. ( 3) Water it. (4 ) Wait for it to grow. (1 )First, dig the soil.

1. should, do, what, then, you What should you do then? 2. do, do, you, that, how How do you do that? 3.rain, the where, come, does, from Where does the rain come from? 4. clouds, it, from, the, comes It comes from the clouds.

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