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1. I _______ taller than you. (is, am, are)

2. ________ you heavier than Tom? (is, am, are)

3. She _______ three years older than her little sister. (is, am, are)

4. How _____ is your brother? ( tall, taller, high)

5. An elephant is _________, and it is ______ than a panda. (big, biger, bigger,)

6. The monkey’s tail is _______ than the rabbit’s tail. (long, longer, short)

7. I’m taller than _________.(him, his, he) But he is stronger than ________.( me, your, yours)

8. My arms are longer than _______. (you, your, yours)


1. Everyone ______(pass) the exam.

2. Does Lucy ______(have) many books?

3. Mike is going to ______________(read books) tonight.

4. The story ________(happen) two years ago.

5. _______(do) they have a good time last night?

6. I am going to ______(do) some shopping.

7. We will_______ (have) a party this weekend.

8. Lily usually _______(get) up at 6 in the morning.

9. My parents _______(water) the vegetables now.

10. Can the robot _______(sing) in English?



( )1. How heavy are you? A.My nose hurts. ( )2.Did you read books? B. Yes, I do.

( )3.How do you feel? C.No, I didn’t. ( )4.What did you do on your holiday? D.I feel sick. ( )5.What’s the matter? E.I visited my grandparents. ( )6.Are you and Lucy in the same class? F.Yes, we are. ( )7.Where are your pencils? G.I think he is Li Lei. ( )8.Who is that? H.They are in the box.

( )9.Can I help you? I.I’d like a pencil-case. ( )10.Do you like English ? J.I’m 48 kg.


1.We often play basketball on Sunday.(改写成第三人称) He often ________ basketball on Sunday.

2. Jim has breakfast at 9.(用yesterday改写)

Jim _______ breakfast at 9 yesterday.

3. They dance very well.(改为否定句)

They ______ _______ very well.

4. I usually watch TV every evening.(改写成现在进行时) I ______ ________ TV now.

5. They are playing table tennis now.(改写成一般现在时态) They ______ table tennis every day.

6. Are they shoes? (作肯定回答)

______, _______ ________.


1. What is Amy going to do?


2. What does your uncle do?


3. What's your hobby?


4. ________________________________

We went to Hainan by air.

5. ________________________________?

Yes, they had a good time.


1. do, homework, your, yesterday evening, you, did ?

2. hear, happy, I, to, am, that .

3. have, does, a, throat, she, sore ?

4. did, holiday, on, where, your, you, go ?

5. you, going, are, with, play, who, to ?


( )1.______ your mother like?

A. Who's B. What's C. Where's

( )2. What did you ________for breakfast this morning?

A. have B. has C. had

( )3. Chen Jie is ______ with his friends.

A. singing B. sing C. sings

( )4. The pears are _______ for us.

A. good B. tasty C. salty

( )5. He is _____than me. He often plays football.

A. stronger B. strong C. tall

( )6. I have _______ green apple.

A. some B. an C. a

( )7. Does she often _______ housework on Sundays?

A. do B. does C. did

( )8. --- ______ pictures are they?

--- They are mine.

A. Who's B. Whose C. Who

( )9 .Sarah ________ up late this morning.

A. gets B. got C. get

( )10. There _______ some meat on plate.

A. is B. are C. aren't


(一)根据短文内容判断句子对错,写“T”或写“F”。(5分) One day Ted left his house with six donkeys to go to the market(集市). After some time, he felt tired and rode one of them. He counted the donkeys, and there were only five, so he

got off and went to look for the sixth. He looked and looked but couldn't find it. So he went back to the donkeys and counted them a second time. This time there were six, so he rode one of them again and they started.

After a few minutes he counted the donkeys a third time, and there were five! One of his friends passed when he was counting, and Ted said,"I left home with six donkeys. Then I had five. Then I had six again.And now I had only five. Look! One, two, three, four, five." But, Ted said the friends,"You're sitting on a donkey, too. That is the sixth! And you are the seventh."

( ) 1. That morning Ted went to the market with six donkeys.

( ) 2. Ted rode a donkey because he wanted to count them.

( ) 3. Ted counted five donkeys because one of them ran away.

( ) 4. His friend counted seven donkeys.

( ) 5. Ted was not very clever.


A crow(乌鸦) wanted to drink, but he can't find water. He looks here and there. At last, he cries,"I can see a jar(罐

子) and there is some water in it." He tries to get to water, but he can't. "How can I get the water?" He cries, "I can put my break(鸟) quite close to it. But he can not drink. What can I do? I want to drink."

He looks here and there, then he picks up a small stone(石头) in his break and carries it to the jar of water and drops it into the jar. "Soon the water will be high in the jar and I can drink,"says the crow.

So he begins to do that until (直到)the water is high enough to drink.

( ) 1. What is the crow looking for?

A. Jar B. Water C. Food

( ) 2. Why can't he drink right now?

A. Water is in the jar.

B. He doesn't want to drink it.

C. The water isn't high enough for him drink.

( ) 3. Why does he pick up stones?

A. He wants to put them into the water.

B. He's playing a game.

C. He is very hungry.

( ) 4. What's the English meaning for "drop"?

A. put ... into ... B. put ... to ... C. carry ... to ...

( ) 5. Which title(题目) do you think is the best(最好)?

A. Thirsty Crow B. A Clever Crow C. A Crow and a jar of Water



My name is May. I am an American girl. I am in Foshan with my parents now. My father Mr Li is an engineer in a shoe factory. He designs the beautiful shoes. He likes drawing pictures. Usually my father goes to work by car. But yesterday he went by bus with my mother. My mother Mrs Li is an English teacher. She often goes to work on foot. She loves the children and she says they make her feel young.

1.How did Mr Li go to work yesterday ?


2. Is May in America now ?


3. Who loves the children ?


4. What's Mr Li's hobby ?


5. What does May's mother do ?



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