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1buy(过去式)_________ 2. front (反义词)________3. here (同音词)___________

4. them (单数)_________ 5. twelve (序数) _________ 6. Aug. (完全形式)_________

7.his(主格)__________ 8. travel(现在分词)_______ 9.happy(副词)____________

一. 中英文词组互译。(10%)

1. 上个周末_____________ 6.寻 找_________________________

2. 第五天_______________ 7. at the Spring Festival_________________

3. 一副眼镜_____________ 8. in front of the blackboard______________

4. 在圣诞树下___________ 9. pick them up_________________________

5. 浇 树_________________ 10. after school________________ 二.选择正确答案,将其序号填入括号内。(15%)

( ) 1. It is Children?s Day. Gao Shan and _______ boys are singing and dancing.

A. the other B. other C. all other D. another

( ) 2. You must stay away ______ the building. It is dangerous.

A. from B. to C. in D. near

( ) 3. —Were there any pineapples in the supermarket?— No, _________ .

A. there weren?t B. they weren?t C. there were D. there aren?t

( ) 4. _______ you have a good time that day?

A. Do B. Did C. Were D. Are

( ) 5. People usually ___________ at Mid-Autumn Festival.

A.eat rice dumplings B. eat chocolate eggs

C. eat moon cakes D. dress up in costumes

( ) 6. It is _________. Su Hai has got a lot of Christmas presents.

A. December B. October C. February D.November

( ) 7. The boys are _________ magazines about sports in the next room.

A. seeing B. looking C. reading D. looking at

( ) 8. — Can I drink some juice?

—No, you can?t. You ________ have your breakfast now.

A. should B. would C.will D. ╱

( ) 9. Helen is looking _____ her pencil case.

A. to B. for C. up D. between

( ) 10. Oh, my pen is on the floor. Can you pick ______ up for me, please?

A. they B. them C. it D. it?s

( ) 11.—Happy birthday, David. This present is for you.—________ .

A. Not at all. B.Thank you C. You?re welcome D.That?s all right.

( ) 12. —Whose trousers__________? —______ Nancy's.

A. is it, It's B. are these, They're C. is this, This's D. are they, Are they

( ) 13. May I use ______ ruler? I can?t find_______ .

A. you; my B. your; I C.your; my D. your; mine

( ) 14. The children _______ beautifully yesterday.

A. dance B. danced C. are dancing D. danceed

( ) 15. ?Keep quite ? means you _______make noise here.

A. should B. shouldn?t C. shall D. can


1、Does Miss Li like_______(water) flowers?

2、The girl is watching a_________(fun) cartoon

3、How many______(watch) does your father have?

4、My sister______(have) many beautiful stamps.

5、Helen is a______(China) girl.

6. Is this calculator (us)? 7. What ________ you ________ last Moday? (do)

I ________ (pull) up carrots.

8. We _________________ (have) an English lesson now.

9. What does it mean? It means “No ________________(park) ”

10. My father ________(cook) last night.

11.My mother often ________(go) to the club.

Yesterday she _________(go) there again.

12.Mr Read is a _________(visit).He wants ___________(visit)China.

13.They made lots of __________(colour) kites and __________(fly) them in the playground.

14. Where ________(be ) you last weekend ?

I ___________(be) at home.


1.She does her homework every day. (否定句)

She ______ ________ her homework every day.

2.I was born (出生) on the fifth of April .

(同义句) _________ _______ _______ on the fifth of April.

3.He’d like a yo-yo as his present.(1.同意句 2.一般疑问句)

He ______ _______ ______ a yo-yo as his present.

_______ he _________ a yo-yo as his present?

4. Su Yang helped Tom last week.(划线部分提问)

_______ helped Tom last week?

5.Marry likes collecting stamps. (划线部分提问)

______ _______ Marry like ___________?

6.any, there , the , trees, farm , were , fruit , on (连词成句) _____________________________________________________

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