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5A Unit7 词组

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5A Unit7


1.after school 放学后 2. after class 下课后

3.three o’clock in the afternoon 下午三点 4.classes are over课结束了

5.look for 寻找 6.excuse me 打扰一下

7.in the office 在办公室里 8.in the playground 在操场

9.play basketball 打篮球 10.go and join them去加入他们

11.go to the library 去图书馆 12.study in the library 在图书馆学习

13.clean the library 打扫图书馆 31.clean the study 打扫书房

14.read a newspaper 看报纸 15.read a magazine看杂志

16.read a picture book 看图画书 17.play chess 下棋

18.play cards 打牌 19.play with a yo-yo玩悠悠球

20.sit on a football 坐在足球上 21.buy a storybook买一本故事书

22.make a model plane做模型飞机 23.make a kite 作风筝

24.clean the desks and chairs in the library 在图书馆里擦桌椅

25.run after a mouse 追赶老鼠 26.sit under the bed 坐在床下

27.jump on the bed在床上跳 28.eat the dog’s food 吃狗的食物

29.dance on the dog’s head在狗的头上跳舞30.play a computer game玩电脑游戏

32.the five tigers on the kite风筝上的五只老虎 33.do some washing 洗些东西

34.do some cleaning 打扫一下 35.be busy 忙碌的


1.Gao Shan is looking for WangBing.高山正在寻找王兵。

2.Is WangBing helping you in the office?王兵正在办公室帮你的忙吗?

3.Are they playing basketball?他们正在打篮球吗?

4.I’ll go and join them.我要去加入他们。

5.Where are you going?你打算去哪里?

5.I’m going to the playground.我打算去操场。

6.Are you going to the playground?你打算去操场吗?

7.Are they studying in the library?他们正在图书馆学习吗?

8.Are they playing with yo-yos?他们正在玩悠悠球吗?

No,they aren’t.They are running.不,他们正在跑步。


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