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1. ( ) early A 早的 B 晚的 2. ( ) weekday A休息日 B 工作日 3. ( ) get up A睡觉 B起床 4.

( ) do homework A 做作业 B在家工作 5. ( ) at seven thirty A在七点 B在七点三十分

二、选出不同类的一项。 ( ) 1 A far B safe C ant ( )

2 A train B bus C Paris ( ) 3 A worried B travelling

C afraid ( ) 4 A always B agrees C begins ( ) 5 A USA

B Moscow C London

三、英汉互译。 1.在工作日__________ 2. 每天 __________

3.九点半 __________ 4. 在云的后面__________ 5.从

东方升起__________ 6 .在天空中 __________ 7 .get home __________

8. go to school__________ 9. Look for __________ 10. have

lunch__________ 11. here and there __________ 12. look at__________

四、 单项选择。 1.There are many _____ here. A. People B peoples C

peoplees 2.I have to _____to school today. A walk B on foot C by foot 3.She

always _____ up before six thirty. A get B to get C gets 4.Where are you

from? I’m from _____ A English B England C USA 5.Let’s go _____a walk

A to B for C with

五、根据句意和首字母提示,将单词补充完整。 1.Jack works in a big toy f_____ in the

city3. Lily talks with Mr Brown for a m_____ 4.Mrs Smith is thirty y_____ old. 5.There is a

time d_____ between the two cities.

六、问答连线。 1.What time is it? A. No,she doesn’t. 2.Does she

always come here? B.I live in Washing ton. 3.Where do you live?

C.I’m having lunch. 4.Do you want a teacher? D.It’s six o’clock5.What are you

doing? E.Yes ,I do.

七 、连词成句。 1. London live in they(.) 2. does what sun the say(?) 3. far he lives farm

school the.(.) 4. having Mr is breakfast Green(.) 5. you bed late do always to go so(?) 6. to school

usually I go bus by(.) 7. does Mike how go usually to the zoo(?) 8. on bus the wheels round the go

and round(.) 9. is to the teacher it time tells us go home(.)


1.早上妈妈想要告诉你该起床了,他会说: A. It’s time for get up. B. It’s time to get

up. C. It’s time for getting up.

2.你想告诉笔友你从来不迟到,可以说: A. I never be late for school. B. I am never late

for school. C. I always late for school.

3.你看到工人叔叔们不分昼夜的工作,你会说: A. They work on day and night. B.

They work all day and evening. C. They work all day and all night.

4. 今天天气十分晴朗,你看到湛蓝的天空,你会说: A. The sky is blue. B. B. There’

re clouds in theC. The sky is cloudy

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