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A.any B.many C.much ( )12. This fish doesn’t two eyes.

A.have B.has

( )13.------Is the Eiffel Tower in France? 一、单项选择。(60分)

( )1.Here are new books. 。线。。。 。号。。考。。。 。 。 。_。_。_。_。_。。_。_。_。_。_。_。_。。_。_。_。_。。___订名。。姓。。。 。 。 。 。 。 。。 。 )。。。班。。(。。村。。。。。。。。。。。。装。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 。 。 。 。 。 A.mine B.yours C.our )2.------Whose book is it ?

------Oh,it’ .

A.my B.mine C.her )3.------Thanks.


A.I’m OK B.That’s OK C.OK )4. is your music teacher? A.Whose B.Who Cwho )5.I have music Firday. A.at B.on C.in )6.I like music.

A.am not B.can’t C.don’t )7.Because I can’t sing . A.good B.well C.best )8.Welcome back school. A.to B.for C.at )9.Come and get new books. A.you B.your C.yours )10.------- your favourite day? ------Firday.

A.What B.Whose C.What’s )11.You have so beautiful pictures.

A.Yes,it is B.No,it isn’t C.It’s in France ( )14.------ is the White House? ------- It’s in America.

A.What B.Who C.Where ( )15.------What are you doing?


A.tell B.tell to C.telling ( )16.An insect a head and a body. A.have B.has C.do ( )17.All have a head. A.insect B.insects ( )18.This dog have a tail. A.don’t B.doesn’t C.can’t ( )19. What’s this English. A.at B.in the C.in ( )20.------Whose workbook is it?

-------It’ A.his B.hers C.mine ( )21.------ do you like art best?

------ Because it’s intersting.

A.Who B.Why C.What ( )22.Jack like PE.

A.don’t B.doesn’t C.can’t


( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

( )23.------What are you doing?


A.swimming B.swiming C.swim ( )24.------Is it a hard moth?


A.No,it is B.Yes,it is C.Yes,it isn’t ( )25.Welcome to bedroom. A.mine B.I C.my ( )26.There two chairs in the room. A.is B.are C.isn’t ( )27.I can a nest. A.saw B.sees C.see ( )28.------Is that school. -------Yes,it is.

A.she B.her C.hers

( )29.Ninety-five seventeen is seventy-eight. A.plus B.minus C.and ( )30.------Is that your computer?

-------Yes,It’ A.from B.to C.of

二、根据所给的汉语或者英语选择相对应的答案。(10分) ( )1.故事书 A.workbook B.storybook C.notebook ( )2.神奇的 A.magic B.funny C.interesting ( )3.无趣的 A.easy B.boring C.important ( )4.翅膀 A.tail B.swing C.wing ( )5.英国 A.Britain B.France C.Japan ( )6.音乐 A.maths B.music C.mantis ( )7.我的 A.I B.me C.mine

( )8.蜘蛛 A.spider B.moth C.bee ( )9.唱歌 A.sleeping B.swimming C.singing ( )10.容易的 A.easy B.useless C.hard 三、选出发音与众不同的单词。(5分) ( )1.A.ride B.nine C.this ( )2.A.game B.name C.apple ( )3.A.these B.me C.well ( )4.A.like B.miss C.rice ( )5.A.milk B.mice C.five 四、选出不同类的单词。(5分)

( )1.A.computer B.thacher C.student ( )2.hers B.mine C.your ( )3.A.Chinese B.English C.France ( )4.A.Friday B.Monday C.June ( )5.A. insect B.bee C.cow 五、给下列句子选择合适的答语。(20分)

( )1.Whose book is that? A.It’s in China. ( )2.What’s you favourite day? B.It’s her book. ( )3.who’s you art teacher? C.She is from Britain. ( )4.What subject do you like best? D.Miss Yang. ( )5.What are you doing? E.Sorry,I don’t know. ( )6.Where is the Great Wall? F.Yes,it is. ( )7.What’s this in English? G.Because it’s hard. ( )8.Why don’t like English? H.I’m sleeping. ( )9.Where is she from? I.Sunday. ( )10.Is it the Eiffel Tower? J.I like PE best.


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