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U3L3-talking about a party

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Susan would like to join us.

join the army,

join the Young League

join the Young Pioneer

potluck party

How many people are coming to the potluck party? There are many foreigners at the potluck party.

从远处/他处拿, bring 带至近处 brought What shall I bring to the classroom next Monday? Mary always brings a story book home. Yesterday Tom brought his favourite storybooks to my home.

take took

拿走,取走, 从近处拿至远处

I must take the children to school every day.

Bring me some drinks, please = Bring some drinks to me, please bring sb sth=bring sth to sb She is making me a modal plane. She is make a model plane for me Buy me a drink=buy a drink for me Tom will get you the new book.= Tom will get the new book for you. make sb sth=make sth for sb buy sb sth=buy sth for sb get sb sth=get sth for sb

look forward to + n./doing sth.

The children are looking forward to Children’s Day.
The old lady is looking forward to a letter from her son. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon. He’s looking forward to hearing from you.

-Shall we….? (征求别人意见) -That’s a good idea/That would be great./That’s great

A: Shall we meet tomorrow? B: That’s a good idea/That would be great. A: Shall we stop here? B: That’s a good idea. A: Shall we have dinner at the restaurant? B: That’s a good idea/That would be great. A: We will have a party this weekend. B: That’s a good idea/That would be great.

have a good time

= enjoy oneself

A: I’m going to the party now. B: Have a good time. (Enjoy yourself)
I always have a good time on New Year’s Day every year.= I always enjoy myself on New Year’s Day every year.

-What/Who/When/Where shall I ...? -I think you… A: What shall I write? B: I think you can write about your family. A: I can’t find my book. What shall I do? B: I think you can borrow one A: Whom shall I ask for help B: I think you can ask Wang Pin for help.

-Would you like to…? (Would you like me to…? -Sure, I’d love/like to (That’s very kind of you.)

A: Would you like to have a drink with us? B: Sure, I’d love/like to. A: Would you like to come and play games? B: Sure, I’d love/like to. A: Would you like to join us? B: Sure, I’d love/like to. A: Would you like to have some coffee? B: Yes, please./No, thanks

-That would be fine (对建议表示同意) A: What/How about (playing) a game on the computer ? B: That would be fine.

-be going to do (打算计划,安排好的事情)
My brother is going to learn English next year. She is not going to be there.

(推断即将发生某事) -be going to do (推断即将发生某事)
I think it is going to rain. I’m afraid I am going to have a bad cold

-shall/will (单纯表示将来,不涉及主观意愿) shall 只用于第一人称 The train will arrive soon. I shall/will be 12 years old next year.
(征求别人意见) When shall we have the party? Who shall I invite? shall shan’t will wo


You: Linda, what Roast duck Linda are you going to bring for the Fried fish Tom potluck party? Sally Linda: I’m going to Chicken bring a roast duck. hamburgers You: What about you, Tom? Tom:I’m going to bring some fried fish. You: Anyone bringing some chicken hamburgers? Sally: I’m going to bring some chicken haburgers

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