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In the early 1990s,the word”Internet”was strange to most people.But today,Internet has become a useful tool for people all over the world.Maybe Internet has been the greatest invention in the field of communication in the history of mankind(人类)

Communicating with others on the Internet is much faster.We can chat with a person who is sitting in the other part of the world.We can e-mail our friends and they can read the e-mails within a minute.

Giving all kinds of information is probably the biggest advantage of the Internet.We can use search engines to find the information we need.Just type in a keyword or keywords and the search engine will give us a list of suitable websites to look at.

We can enjoy a lot on the Internet by downloading games,visiting chat rooms or surfing (浏览)websites.There are some games for free.We can meet new and interesting people in the chat now.We can also listen to music and see films.

Now ,there is a lot of service on the Internet such as online banking ,job finding and ticket buying.We can also do shopping and find nearly all kinds of goods.Sometimes we can find something that is quite good but very cheap.

26.How many main advantages of the Internet are talked about in the passage?

A.Three. B.Four. C.Five. D.Six.

27.What fact doesn’t the passage provide?

A.We can find almost anything we want to know on the Internet.

B.Some games on the Internet are free.

C.We can buy most things we need on the Internet.

D.Goods on the Internet are more expensive than those in real shops.

28.Which title best gives the main idea of the passage?

A.Online Shopping

B.Exchanging Information on the Internet

C.The Advantages of the Internet

D.Surfing the Websites on the Internet


Exam time is the most stressful(压力重的) period of the year. You have worked all school term on your classes and now it’s the time to prove what you have learned. With so much at stake (处于成败关头), it is easy to get stressed about your exams. However, with the right amount of hard work and focus you can pass your tests with ease.

When I was in school, I used to get very stressed over my exams. So did my friends. Some people stopped eating and others ate too much! Some gave up and others burned themselves out! The most important thing to remember when studying is not to feel frightened! Take the middle path -- stay calm, eat healthy and get a rest. Pushing yourself too hard is just as dangerous as not studying enough. A tired, overworked brain is just as useless as a lazy, empty one!

So, what should you do ?Arrange a time each day for study and a time for relaxation .You may have less time to relax than usual, but you still need to let your brain rest for a few moments. Get plenty of sleep .If you are tired, information will not stick in our memory. Finally eat healthy foods that fuel your body and mind.

It does no good to think too much about your exams. Some students may think that the rest of their life depends on them .That’s not true. Instead, just view the exams as another difficulty you will overcome. You have overcome all kinds of difficulties in you life so far. With the right amount of work and focus, you will pass your exams with flying colours! High school is right around the corner!

93. What is the most stressful period of the year?

94. How can we pass the tests with ease?

95. What did the writer’s friends do when they got stressed over their lessons?

96. Which is more dangerous, pushing ourselves too hard or not studying enough? 1 / 2

97. Why should we get enough sleep during exam time?

98. What will you do to deal with exam stress next time?


1::Gilbert joined the Science Club last summer. One day he was handed a piece of paper, a block of wood and four wheels; he was told to go home and them all to “dad”. However, Gilbert’s mom knew that his dad wasn’t good at making things and decided that she would read the and let Gilbert do the work. A few days later the block of wood was turning into a car that Gilbert named “Blue Lightning”. Then he and his mother went to a car race together. But when they there, Gilbert found that his car was the only one that had not been made by a “father-son” partnership (合作).

The race began. One by one the cars were knocked out until it to the final between Gilbert and Jimmy. Just before the race, Gilbert asked they could stop for a minute so that he could make a wish. After a long minute, Gilbert said that he was People cheered as the race began. Jimmy stood with his father and watched their car racing down the road while Gilbert was surprised at the great of his car as it rushed over the finishing line less than a second Jimmy’

Soon the club manager came over and asked him, “So, Gilbert, your wish was to , right?” “Oh no, sir,” he replied. “I just wished that I wouldn’t cry if I lost.”

Children sometimes adults with unexpected ideas. When Gilbert first saw the other cars, he didn’t cry out, “Not fair! Other children had their fathers’ help!” Gilbert didn’t wish for victory in the race; instead he wished for courage.

1. A. send B. return C. lend D. give

2. A. instructions B. passage C. message D. explanations

3. A. easily B. carefully C. proudly D. kindly

4. A. lived B. got C. met D. passed

5. A. ran B. moved C. came D. rushed

6. A. whether B. why C. when D. where

7. A. sure B. ready C. tired D. sorry

8. A. effort B. energy C. speed D. value

9. A. past B. over C. after D. before

10. A. excitement B. enjoyment C. agreement D. achievement

11. A. change B. break C. leave D. win

12. A. satisfy B. surprise C. please D. encourage


Passage 1

Here’s a story about Ming’s life on the waters. Ming has lived all his life on a wide rin china. His home is a large house-boat with a roof, one of hundreds that move up and down. In about six he just swims him.

Ming’s father is a fisherman, but he never ua line or a net(网). Great black birds called cormorants do the fishing for him. Rings(圈)have been put around the birds’ n so that to bring the fish to people. And then people reward(奖励) Ming loves with his mother. The shops, of

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