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六年级上unit4 reading

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it’s twelve o’clock .sally, mike and i are having lunch at school . there are lots of food and drinks here. i like noodles and tea, so i am eating a plate of noodles and drinking a cup of tea now .sally likes hamburgers ,chips and coke for her lunch, she thinks they are delicious. mike doesn’t like toast or sandwich, he thinks they are horrible(很恶心) .he likes rice and soup best. we are all happy .

1.what time is it ?___________________________

2. is sally drinking a cup of tea ?_________________

3. what does mike like ?________________________

4. where are they ?___________________________

5.does mike like toast? _____________________________


my name is tom. my parents are workers. they are very busy from monday to friday. they get up at five o’clock. my father cooks breakfast for us. then they go to work by car. because my father has a car. my father works from 8:00am to 6:00pm. my mother works from 8:00am from 5:00pm. so my mother cooks dinner for us. my mother likes watching tv at night, and my father likes reading newspapers. and i do my homework in my bedroom. every weekend, we go out and play together. do you think we are a happy family? what about your family?

( )1. does tome have brother or sister? a. yes, he does. b. no, he doesn’t.

( )2. who cooks dinner in the family、 a. tom’s father b. tom’s mother

( )3. how long does tom’s mother work?

A. his mother works for 9 hours. b. his mother works for 10 hours. ( )4. does tom watch tv at night with his mother?

a. no, he plays computer games. b. no, he does homework.

( )5. what do they do on the weekends、

a. they go to the park and do some exercises.

b. they read books at home.


look at this photo, do you know who he is ? he’s my cousin john .he is twenty years old. he’s from sydney , australia . but now he studies in guangzhou china. john is a good student, he studies hard every day, and he works hard too . john often cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner by himself. he likes chinese food very much. he is good at cooking , he thinks cooking is interesting .

( ) 1. john is an australian girl.

( ) 2. he studies in sydney australia.

( ) 3. john works hard every day.

( ) 4. he likes cooking very much.

( ) 5. he doesn’t like chinese food.


hello, i am amy. i am a quiet girl. i like listening to music. i love english songs very much. and i like making friends too. i have three good friends. jane is an active girl. she likes sports. we often climb mountain on the weekends. alice is pretty. she likes shopping very much. we are going to go shopping this sunday. ben is a funny boy. he is not very tall. but he is very strong. he likes riding a bike. he usually goes to school by bike. his home is near the school. do you have any good friends? what are they like?

1. amy is a ______ girl. she likes _________ to music. she______ 3 good friends.

2. jane ______ sports, she is very _______.

3. ben is not _______, but he is ________. he ______ _______ a bike.

4. they ________ climb ________ on the weekends.

5. alice is ________, she _______ shopping.

6. they ______ ________ _______ go shopping this sunday.

7. ben _____ to school by bike, because his _______ is ________ the school.

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