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Unit 6

A Let’s learn



Let’s learn

Rain, rain, lovely rain. I can see the lovely rain.

Cloud, cloud, beautiful cloud.

I can see the beautiful cloud.

Vapour, vapour, white vapour.
I can see the white vapour.

Sun, sun, warm sun. I can see the warm sun.

Stream, stream, pretty stream.

I can see the pretty stream.

Chant :

Rain , rain , lovely rain .
I can see the lovely rain . Cloud , cloud , beautiful cloud . I can see the beautiful cloud . Vapour , vapour , white vapour . I can see the white vapour . Sun,sun,warm sun.

I can see the warm sun.
Stream , stream , pretty stream .

I can see the pretty stream .

It’s very beautiful.

It looks like a bridge. But it’s not a bridge.
It comes after rain. It has seven colours.

Sometimes it’s white. Sometimes it’s black. Sometimes it looks like a dog. Sometime it looks like a cat.

It’s big. It’s red.

It’s warm. It’s round.
It comes up in the east. And it goes down in the west.

It’s white and light(轻的).

It comes from the water. When the sun shines, it comes out and goes up to the sky.

There is much water in it.

It’s not the river. It’s not the lake.
It’s not the sea. It’s long and small.

It goes into the river and stream. It goes into the lake and sea.

When it comes, you can see the people take the umbrellas.

活动目的:检查学生对 单词的拼写、识记能力。 活动方法:教师出示一 张单词图片,如: stream,请学生按座位 顺序拼读。比如第一名 学生说:“s-t-r-e-am” 第 二 名 学 生 就 说 : “ * -t-r-e-a-m” , 第 三 名 学 生 说 : “ * -*r-ea-m”,第四名学生说: “ * -*-*-e-a-m” , 第 五 名学生说:“*-*-*-*a-m”,第六名学生说: “*-*-*-*-*-m”。(注: * 为拍手,不需要读出 字母。)

rain cloud river


sun stream

rain cloud river

vapour sun


rain cloud river

vapour sun


rain cloud river

vapour sun


rain cloud river

vapour sun


rain cloud river

vapour sun





Let's talk






Listen and number

Where does the
rain come from ?



It comes from the cloud .

Where does the cloud come from ?

vapour .


It comes from the

Where does the

vapour come from ?


water It comes from the water .


Where does the water in the stream come from?



rain It comes from the rain .

Where does the rain come from ?
It comes from the cloud

rain (sun)




A: Where does the from ? B: It comes from the
mutton apple juice pork milk

come .

sheep apple pig cow


Let's read

Let’s read

?Does Little water drop take a trip? ?Where does he go? ?Does he have a lot of fun?

Hello. Who are you?
I’m Little Water Drop. I’m hot. I’m g

oing to the sky. It’s hot in the river.

Where are you going ?

See you.


Oh no! I’m falling.

Me too.

Hello, Mr Wind. Nice to meet you again.

Hi, my dear, Little Water Drop..

Sure. Can you help me go up to the sky again?


Let's learn

Listen to the music p68

Let’s learn

First,we have the seed. Then,plant the seeds in the soil. Next,water the seeds often and wait for a sprout wait for a sprout to grow.

first then next

亲爱的同学们,乐乐想参考下面的种植说明种向日葵,可 是文字给打乱了顺序,你来给下列过程排排序吧!

2 5 1 4 3 6 7

Let’s play

Let’s read

A: What does Liu Yun do on Apr.15? B: What does she see on Apr.21? C: What does she see on Apr.29? D: What does her plant look like on May 15? E: Does it have any flowers?

1)I come from England. am from I ____ _____England.
2)You come from England. You _____ ____ England. are from

3)Lily comes from England. is ____ Lily _____ from England.

按要求写单词 see 1.sea(同音词)_____ son 2.sun (同音词) _____ sunny 3.sun(形容词)_____ 4.flour(同音词)_____ flower wake up 5.醒来 _________ 6.It may _____(is) cooler. be meat 7. meet(同音词)_______ little water drop 8.小水珠_____________

9.higher and higher 越来越高 _________ B 10.many _____; what A _____ A. else B.other 向下落 11.fall down _______ come out 12.露出,出现________ up 13.down(反义词)___ hi 14.high(同音词)____

i r F__ __ st, we have the seeds _____(种子). Plant _____(种植)the seeds in the pot ___(盆). in the sun Put ____(放)the pot __ ___ ___.(在太阳下) Then add ____(然后), ___(加) water often. sprout Wait for ____ ___(等待) a ______(幼苗). Wait to ____(成长起来). ____ for(等待) it __ grow

in several days 1.几天后__________ dig the soil 充足的阳光 2.lots of sun_______ 3.挖土_______ come on 4.加油、努力试试_____ 一个月大 5.one month old_____ 确保、确定 6.make sure_______ should 7. You _____(应该) water it often.

1.vapour , water , become , the , can , how (?)

2.tree , do , plant, you , how, a (?) 3.that , how, you , do, do (?) 4.then , should , you , do , what (?)

1.I put in some water, too. 2. I water it again and put it in the sun. 3. My plant has two green leaves. 4. I make sure it gets lots of sun. 5. I can hardly wait!

1. I’m going to water the flowers this afternoon.(对划线部分提问) What are you going to do this afternoon? 2. Rain comes from clouds. (对划线 部分提问) Where come _____does rain _____ from? 3.I can see some birds in the picture. (对划线部分提问)

What can you see in the picture? 6.We are going to the science museun tomorrow. (对划线部分提问) When _____ are you going to the science museum? 7.She likes swimming.(变成一般疑问 句、否定句) 8.He is a policeman. (变成一般疑问 句、否定句)



1 D

2 E

3 F

4 C

5 A

6 B


My Pen Pal
I have a pen pal.Her name is Nancy.She comes from England. She is really beautiful. she is tall and thin.She is 13 years old.She is a good student.She goes to school by bike. She likes swimming,reading and playing the violin.I think she is nice/She is my good friend.

My Friend's Hobby I have a friend.His name is XX.He is smart and tall.He likes playing football very much.He plays it every day. He also likes swimming and diving.On saturday,he often watches TV.On Sunday,he do some exercises.That's my best friend's hobby

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