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There are over 800 boarding (寄宿) schools in the UK with students from home and foreign countries. Boarding schools started hundreds of years ago in the country. But the earliest boarding schools were set up for white, rich boys only. Now both boys and girls can go to boarding schools from the age of 7 to 18.

What to do

In the UK, boarding schools have three terms in a school year, with about 13 weeks in each term. Students study and live together. They can’t go outside if they are not allowed to. In some schools, each student has his or her subject plan. Besides the usual classrooms and laboratories, the boarding schools have lots of other facilities for their students, including music rooms, boats, swimming pools, cinemas and theatres. Most boarding schools have a “light out” time. So when it’s time to go to bed, all the lights in the bedrooms are turned off. There are house-masters to take care of students all the time, especially after school hours.

What to wear

Nearly all students at boarding schools wear a school uniform. Boys usually wear a shirt and a tie, and girls wear a white blouse, sometimes also a tie and a skirt. As students get older, the rules become less strict.

In the UK, boarding schools provide students with delicious food. They can choose to have a full English breakfast or simply bread. They can also choose between a meal with no meat and another meal at lunch and dinner. And there is always self-service for salad (沙拉), other side dishes and a dessert. Students can also make themselves something to eat at any time in a kitchen, or drink tea or have a snack between meals.

36. Which of the following is TRUE according to (根据) the passage?

A. Only white children were allowed to attend the earliest boarding schools.

B. Students in a boarding school are looked after only after school hours.

C. As students get older, the rules about wearing school uniforms become stricter.

D. Students can have different activities in a boarding school.

37. Which is the best title for the last paragraph?

A. What to eat B. When to eat C. Where to eat D. How to eat

38. The underlined word ‘facilities’ means _____________.

A. 教师 B. 设施 C. 活动 D. 课程


I lost my childhood to Harry Potter.

---Tom Felton

After nearly ten years, the Harry Potter bandwagon (热潮) is going to end. And for the young stars who have spent half their lives filming the movie, the pain of saying goodbye could not be greater. But there are several things Tom Felton---also known as Harry's school nemesis (复仇者) Draco Malfoy --- is looking forward to. And from the moment you see him, it is clear why.

"For the past ten years we haven't had much free time to do other things. I certainly haven't had much free time to keep my own hair color, or lie in the sun, or do anything with only a little danger like skiing. It was nice to go on holiday and not have to make up on the SPF50 and sit 1 / 3

under an umbrella with three caps on," Tom said.

For all the fame and wealth that Harry Potter has brought its young stars, there have been plenty of downsides, too.

Tom is now 23 but talks like he is ten years older, and his co-stars have been working since they were young children. And while he says he has no regrets about being in the movies, he also says that at the same time he had to grow up fast.

"One thing that people keep on saying to me is that the wealth and the fame must have made up fax missing out on my childhood," he says. "But the idea of money ---putting a price on your childhood--- is ridiculous (可笑的). You will never get those years back. Don't you think you can put a price on them?"

"And to me, fame is not a positive thing. The idea of being famous is a lot better than the reality."

The youngest of four brothers brought up in a middle-class home in Epsom, Surrey, he honestly says that no one in the family knew what to do with all the money he was making. His mother invested some of it in property (不动产) but told him the rest was his to do with what he wanted.

93. Who is Tom Felton known as in the film Harry Potter?

94. How long has Tom Felton spent filming Harry Potter?

95. What couldn't Tom do while he was an actor in a film?

96. Why did Tom think putting a price on his childhood was ridiculous?

97. Tom's mother invested all of his money in property, didn't she?

98. What have you learned from Tom's childhood experience?


Many parents want their children to be famous one day. But do children have the same___26___?

A new__27____—Hi, Ke'ai is on at Beijing Children's Art Theatre. It tells the story of a boy called Ke'ai. His parents would like him to become a painter or a __28_____ one day. They teach him to ___29___and to play the violin, but Ke'ai doesn't enjoy these activities. Then one day Ke'ai's parents see Liu Xiang win a gold___30___ at the Athens Olympic Games, and they want him to be a sportsman.

"___31___do they want me to be someone else?" Ke'ai asks and says, "I only want to be____32______."

The play shows us that it is good for parents to learn to _____33_____their children. It helps parents to think about what kids want to do.

Young audiences(观众)enjoy the story, and also the___34___in the play. There are two songs in the play. One of them, "Ke'ai's Song" is very ___35 _____to learn, so the audiences can sing the song on their way home after the play!

26.A.jobs B.dreams C.habits D.hobbies

27.A.song B.film C.play D.opera

28.A.writer B.teacher C.sportsman D.musician

29.A.paint B.write C.run D.drive

30.A.match B.ring C.medal D.race

31.A.How B.Why C.When D.Where 2 / 3

32.A.myself B.different C.alone D.great

33.A.encourage B.understand C.criticize D.inspire

34.A.light B.clothes C.skill D.music

35.A.easy B.difficult C.important D.necessary


Passage 12

to find his seat, so he went to the air hostess and asked, “Could you help me? I can’t find my seat.” The and fasten the seat belt. She about when the plane was going up. And she also said that Henry’s , but he didn’t need to worry about it bmany people felt like food and drinks. the flight and arrived home soon.

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