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(出卷者:吉汝一小罗布桑杰) 7. I usually stay _____home ____Sunday. 8. Jenny goes to school____bike.




nter冬天 形状 ch长沙发 4. ca___猫

5. n____se 鼻子 6. li____n 狮子 7. h__ad头 8. op__n打开 9. telep__one电话 10.peop__e人民 11. k__te风筝

男孩 p地图 14. ind风 15. en钢笔 17. do__tor医生 18.n__mber 数字 19.pi__ture 照片20.s__eak说话

(二)请用 on, a、an, in, at, by 填空。 (8分)

1. The juice is the refrigerator. 2. This is my father. He is teacher.

3. My birthday is October 4. They live Shijiazhuang . 6. There is apple tree over there.

1. You a teacher ? Yes. I 2. Danny and I good friend. 3.What colour my hair ? 4. We making breakfast.

(四) 用“have”的适当形式填空。( 4分 ) 1. Last week we a party. 2. Mary a small dog. 3. Look! He fun. 4. I a nice sweater .

(五) 用所给词的正确形式填空。 ( 8分 ) 1. I have a pair of (shoe).

2. He (go) to school by bus yesterday. 3. Danny would like some (soup).

4. These are (woman) . They are singing.

5. (he) sister is a nurse. 6. I (write) a letter now. 7. She (buy) a nice coat last month. 8. LiMing is a good basketball (play). 二、按要求完成下列各题。 (4分 )

think(过去式 woman(复数 we(宾格three(序数词 big(反义词 watch(三单wolf(复数 shop(现在分词 三、选择正确答案,并将其序号填入括号内。(10分) (1) I always go to school bus.

A: from B: by C: with D: on (2) minutes are there in an hour? ----Sixty minutes.

A: How many B: Where C: How much D: How (3) What is today? ----It's December twenty-fifth. A: day B: date C: time D:/ (4) He wants a kite in the park.

A: to fly B: flies C: fly D: flying (5) are your books? ----Three yuan.

A: How many B: Where C: How much D: What

(6) Mry like her dress, Because it is old.

A: doesn't B: isn't C: didn't D:don't (7) It's time have supper.

A: for B: at C: to D: with (8) Do you like this bicycle that one?

A: and B: or C: but D: too

(9) Would you like something to tea? . A: Yes. Thanks. B: I would C: I'd like it. D: Yes. (10) Are these your pencils? A: Yes, They aren't. B: Yes, it is. C: No, They are. D: Yes, they are. 四、翻译英汉句子。(6分) 春天是我最喜欢的季节。

. 我正在写作业。

. 我们家有五口人。


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