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Module 10 Unit 1(Review)


( ) 1. What are they______?

A. drink B. drinks C. drinking

( ) 2. —I’m hungry. —I’m hungry,_____.

A .too B. to C. two

( ) 3.—Do you want some rice? ? —Yes, _____.

A. please B. haven’t C. hasn’t

( ) 4. —Do you want some apples? —______.

A. No, I do. B. No, thank you. C. Yes, I don’t.

( ) 5.This is my sister. She is talking to______ friend.

A. she B. his C. her

( ) 6.—What’s Tom doing? —He’s _______music.

A. listening B. listen to C. listening to

( ) 7.—_____.Where’s No.2 Park Street, please? —Turn left.

A.Sorry B.Excuse me C.Thank you

( ) 8.—Where’s Train 4? —It’s ______the station.

A.at B.on C am

( ) 9.How _______ you?

A. are B. is C. am

( ) 10.Thank you so much! ---You’re ______ .

A. welcome

B. right C. fine

Module 10 Unit 2(Review)

从II栏中找出I栏每个句子恰当的答语,并将答案标号写在题前括号内。 I II

A. It’s one yuan. ( )1. How are you? ( )2. How much is it?? B. I’m fine. C. She’s swimming.. D. I’m watching TV. E. No, thank you. ( )3. What are you doing? ( )4. Do you want some rice? ( )5. What is Amy doing?


1. play chess 喝豆浆

2. do taijiquan 打太极拳

3. row a dragon boat 划龙舟

4. take pictures 下国际象棋

5. drink soya milk 拍照


A.under B.near C.down D.up E.at

( )1.The bus is______(在车站)the station.

( )2.The car is______(上山)the hill.

( )3.The car is______(在树下)the tree.

( )4.The car is_______(下山)the hill.

( )5.The car is ______the house.(在房子附近)

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