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Unit6_A Read and write

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? 1、学生听说读写句型:Is there…Yes,there is./No,there isn't. ? 2、学生能用句子“There is…/Is there…?” 描述一个地方。

Let’s chant
The grass is green. The sky is blue. The air is clean. The day is new.
Book The wind blows. 5 Unit 6 In a nature park Let's chant.swf The clouds play. The river flows. Beautiful day,beautiful day!

cloud 白云 grass 草地 river 河流 lake
mountain 山脉


forest 森林

path 小路 flower 花朵


“Finish the sentences”。

假日照片 自然公园

6A Read and write .swf


Finish the sentences
(1)This is a nature park.Is there a forest in the park?Yes, there is . (2)Is there a river?No , there


抄写四会句子 Is there a forest in the park? Yes,there is. Is there a river? No,there isn't.

(Find the difference)
① ②

1、There is a book on the desk. (改为否定句。) There isn’t a book on the desk.

2、A trash bin is behind the door. (换成there be句型。) There is a trash bin behind the door. 3、There is a lake in the forest . (改为一般疑问句并 作否定回答。) Is there a lake in the forest ? No, there isn’t.

1. Listen and recite. 听“Read and write”录音并 且背诵。 2. 抄写四会句子,一遍汉语, 五遍英语。

? Although the scenery is beautiful, but the friend is more important, because the friend is the most beautiful sienery.

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