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四年级英语上册期末检测题 姓名 ---------

一、 按要求写出单词的各种形式。(9分)

1.can’t (完整形式) 2. sheep (复数形式

3. sweet (复数形式) 4.climb(现在分词)

5. run (现在分词)6. there are(缩略形式)

二、 请根据汉语提示写出单词。(10分)

1. 汤 2.灯 3.面包 4.羊,绵羊

5.脸,面孔 6. 水果 鸡 8. 熊 9.猪



( )1、A. draw B. see C. ball D. drink

( )2、A. month B. May C. March D. April

( )3、A. run B. fast C. make D. ride

( )4、A. hungry B. write C. sing D. listen

( )5、A. count B. hundred C. nineteen D. ninety

( ) 6. A. bread B. soup C. light

( ) 7. A. play B.here C. make

( ) 8. A. please B. you C. she

( ) 9. A.cake B. milk C. juice

( ) 10. A. fast B. left C. right

四 单项选择: (20分)

( )1、What are you going to do__________Sports Day?

A. in B. at C. for

( )2、“Good luck,Daming.” “_____________!”

A. Thank you. B. Good C .Okay

( )3、Daming is going the 100 metres.

A. runs B. run C. to run

( )4、This is_______ swimsuit.

A.Sam B. Sam’s C. Sams’

( )5、We’re going to go to school 6 o'clock A. at B. in

( )6、Thank you so much!

A. Thank you! B. You’re welcome! C. Okay!

( )7、She’s to her friend. A. talking B. talk C. to talk ( )8、Can you jump far,Sam?

A. Yes,I can. B Yes ,I can’t. C. No,I can. ( )9、New year is in .

A. January B. February C. March

( )10、He’s going to run the park.

A. in B. on C. under


阅读理解。根据短文内容选择正确的选项。 C. on

Look at this photo. It’s in the park. There is an old man on the chair. He is reading a book. There is a boy on the bike. He is running fast. There are three children between the big trees. They are singing. There are two boys on the lake. They are rowing a boat. And there are two girls near the lake. They are playing chess. They are very happy.

( ) 1. The old man is A. reading a book B. running fast

( ) 2. The children between the big trees are .

A. rowing a boat B. singing

( .

A. rowing a boat B. running fast

( ) 4. There are girls near the lake.

A. three B. two

六、 情景交际。请将正确答案的序号写在题前括号内。(16分) ( )1、当你饿了想要向别人询要食物时,你可以说:

A. Can I have some noodles? B. Do you want some noodles? ( )2、当你想知道对方正在做什么时,你可以说:

A. What are you doing? B. What are you going to do?

( )3、当你向别人问路时,你应说:

A. Excuse me! Where is the pen? B. Excuse me! Where is the station? ( )4、当你描述自己将要参加跳远比赛时,你应说:

A. I’m going to do the long jump. B. I’m doing the long jump.

七、从B 栏中选出A 栏中正确的答案,并将序号填在括号中。(15分)


( )1、Have you got a tiger?

( )2、Can you draw a dragon?

( )3、What are they doing?

( )4、What is Daming doing?

( )5、How many birthdays are there in January?


A. There are thirteen..

B He’s taking a picture

C. No, I can’t.

D They’re playing chess.

E Yes , I have.


第一大题 每个空1.5分 共9分 第二大题每个小题1分 共10分

第三大题15分,每个小题1.5分 第四大题20分 每个小题2分 第五大题10分 每个小题2.5分 第六大题16分 每个小题4分

第七大题15分 每个小题3分

另加卷面分5分 满分100分。

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