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班级________ 姓名________ 学号________



( )1. A. principal B. picture C. potato

( )2. A. mutton B. mountain C. menu

( )3. A. sky B. village C. nature park

( )4. A. healthy B. holiday C. helpful

( )5. A. city B. cabbage C. cloud

( )6. A. favourite B. fun C. flat

( )7. A. art B. air-conditioner C. active

( )8. A. breakfast B. lunch C. dinner

( )9. A. mooncake B. dumplings C. zongzi

( )10. A. Chinese B. math C. science


( )1. A .She is my mom. B. He is tall and strong. C. She is pretty. ( )2. A.It’s a lake. B. It’s Monday. C. It’s a sunny day. ( )3. A. I have math. B. I like Saturday. C. I often read books. ( )4. A.Yes, they’re tasty. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I can. ( )5. A. No, there aren’t. B. Yes, there is. C. Yes, there are.


1. ( ) 2. ( )

3.( ) 4. ( )

5. ( )



I am Wu Yifan. I live in a big city. There’re some tall buildings in my city. I study in a big school. There are about 3500 students in our school. There is a

large playground in our school, so we can play games there. I have lunch at school. The menu of Tuesday is great. We have carrots, potatoes, chicken and grapes. I like potatoes best. My favourite day is Thursday because we have PE and computer class. Our computer teacher is very young. He is kind and funny, but he is strict. We all like him.

( ) 1. Wu Yifan lives in a city.

( ) 2. His school is very small.

( ) 3. Wu Yifan and his friends play games on the playground.

( ) 4. Carrot is Wu Yifan’s favourite food.

( ) 5. His computer teacher is tall and funny.

I have my own bedroom now. Look, this is the picture of my bedroom. There is a big bed. There are two end tables near the bed. A new desk is in front of the window. A computer is on the desk. I often listen to music and watch movies with it. There is a blue closet near the desk. Over the closet, there is an air-conditioner. The trash bin is behind the door. I like my purple curtains because purple is my favourite colour. Oh, there are some dirty clothes near the bed. I will wash the clothes now.

( ) 1. There is a small bed in the bedroom.

( ) 2. There is a chair in front of the window.

( ) 3. I often watch movies with my computer.

( ) 4. My favourite colour is red.

( ) 5. I can wash the clothes.

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