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单三形式 现在分词形式 单三形式 现在分词形式 go do Watch teach wash ask play say buy have fly study read make wirte work

二、选择题 1. Ben a new book。 A. has B. have C. haves 2. Ben and Mary some books。 A. has B. have C. haves 3. Kitty newspaper everday。 A. reads B. read C.reading 4. He his homework on Sunday。 A. do B. does C. doing 5. Does she to work on foot? A. goning B. goes C. go 6. She likes kites。 A. makes B. making C. make 7. Does Mike teach English? No, he A. do B. don’t C. doesn’t 8. Do you like your teachers? Yes , I A. do B. don’t C. doesn’t

三、先找错误改正,再按要求该句子。 1. Does he goes to work on foot ? 否定回答: 2. He like reading newspaper . 疑问句: 3. Tom likes make kites . 疑问句: 4. Do you has a ruler ? 肯定回答: 5. Do your mother live in China? 肯定回答: 6. Lucy go to school by bus . 疑问句: 7. Do your father tall ? 否定回答: 8. She have a new bike . 疑问句:

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