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1. A. house B. road C. building D. city

2. A. flower B. path C. park D. lake

3. A. mirror B. closet C. curtain D. trash bin

4. A. bedroom B. kitchen C. bathroom D. living room

5. A. cabbage B. mutton C. potato D. eggplant


A. No, there isn't.

B. I can cook the meals.

C. Yes, I can.

D. He's tall and thin.

E. We have English, math and Chinese.


1. .



4. 5.

( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )









1. There are many tall (build) in the city.

2. He can cook the (meal).

3. What do you do on (Sunday)?

4. (There is缩写形式) a table in the room.

5. I like (grape) very much.


1. There is a bridge the river.

A. on B. over C. under

2. There green grass and some flowers.

A. is B. are C. am

3. ---- What's he like?


A. He is a teacher. B. He is tall. C. He is very kind.

4. ---- Can you water the flowers?

---- A. Yes, I can't. B. Yes, I can. C. No, I can.

5. The panda in China.

A. live B. lives C. living

6. Are you at home?

A. help B. helps C. helpful

7. What do you have lunch?

A. for B. in C. on

8. ---- Is she strict?

---- Yes, but she's very .

A. strong B. tall C. kind

9. She often do homework on weekends.

A. my B. her C. his

10. I have eggplant and A. tomato B. tomato's C. tomatoes

11. Can you use computer?

A. a B. an C. the

12. ---- Where is the lake?


A. It's big. B. It's in the mountains. C. It's my favourite.

13. is the first day in a week.

A. Sunday B. Monday C. Tuesday

14. I'd like some green A. beef B. mutton C. beans

15. What you like for lunch?

A. do B. would C. have


1. Is there any fish in the river? We have tomatoes.

2. Can you set the table? No, there isn't.

3. What can he do? Yes, I can.

4. What's your favourite fruit? He can cook the meals.

5. What do you have for lunch? Apples.







1. There are many tall buildings in the city.

2. She can do the dishes.

3. The books are on the shelf.

4. Zhang Peng is reading books.

5. There is an air-conditioner in the house.


1. What do you do on Saturdays?

3. Can you clean the bedroom?

4. What can you see? I can see many

5. Are there any end tables in the room?


any near too her on

1. What do you do Thursdays?

2. The trash bin is the door.

3. Is there fish in the river?

4. I can do the dishes, .

5. We can help .


1. Sure.

2. What can you do?

3. Are you helpful at home, Chen Jie?

4. I can sweep the floor.

5. Great! You are helpful.




3. 4.



Hello! My name is Tom. I' m from America. I go to school from Mondays to Fridays. I like Thursdays very much, because we have computer class on Thursdays. We have lunch at school. Beef and potatoes are favourite food. They're tasty and healthy. At home, I'm very helpful. I can do the dishes, set the table and water the flowers. On Saturdays, I often do my homework. On Sundays, I often read books and watch TV. What about you? Can you tell me, please?

( ) 1. Tom goes to school from Mondays to Fridays.

( ) 2. Tom like Thursdays, because they have science class on Thursdays.

( ) 3. Tom's favourite food is beef and potatoes.

( ) 4. Tom is very helpful. He can do much housework.

( ) 5. Tom often reads books and watches TV on Saturdays.


( ) 1. --- What's your art teacher like?

--- A. He's tall and thin. B. He likes apples. C. He can cook the meals.

( ) 2. --- What do you do _______ Sundays?

--- I often watch TV and play football.

A. in B. at C. on

( ) 3. --- ________ is the trash bin?

--- Look, it's behind the door.

A. Where B. What C. Who

( ) 4. --- What _________ you like for lunch?

--- I'd like some mutton, tofu and green beans.

A. do B. are C. would

( ) 5. --- Can you do some housework?

--- ______________.

A. Yes, I am B. Yes, I can. C. Yes, I do.

五、 Read and circle.找出不同类的单词或短语。

( )1.A. grass B. tree C. path D. flower ( )2. A. table B. principal C. closet D. mirror ( )3. A. river B. pork C. mutton D. eggplant ( )4. A. university B. funny C. quiet D. young ( )5. A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. English D. Monday


( )1. Who's your math teacher? A. Yes, there are.

( )2. Are there any bridges over the river? B. We have pork and tofu. ( )3. Can you wash the clothes? C. Mr Zhang.

( )4. What do you have for lunch today? D. It's over the end table. ( )5. Where is the mirror? E. Yes, I can



1. There is a road near the river.2. We can see some flowers in the grass.

3. The mirror is on the wall.4. There is a bathroom in the house.

5. I have mutton for lunch on Mondays.


1. What can you do?2. What do you have on Tuesdays?

3. Can you make the bed?4. What's he like?5. Is there a tree in the park?


1. Sarah can set the table. She is helpful.2. There is a river and some flowers.

3. The picture is on the table.4. There isn't a lamp on the desk.

5. The young man is our math teacher.



1. Are there any rivers in your village?2. I have a new math teacher. Her class is so much fun.

3. Mr. Black comes from Canada.4. Our English teacher is smart and strict.

5. I have salad, hamburgers, tomatoes and bananas for lunch today


1. Are you helpful at home?2. What do you do on Saturday?

3. What's your favourite day at school? 4. Is there a village over there?

5. What's your new art teacher like?


1. --- Who's your art teacher?--- Mr. Hu.

--- What's he like?--- He is very young. He's short and thin. He's very funny. We all like him. Q: Which one is Mr. Hu?

2. --- We have a new English teacher.--- What's he like?

--- He's old and funny. We all like him.Q: Which is the boy's new English teacher?

3. --- What do you have for lunch today, Mike?--- I have some mutton and eggplant. What about you?--- I have some eggplant and tofu.Q: Which picture is right?

4. --- Is there a forest near your village?--- Yes, there is. There are many beautiful trees. Q: Which picture is right?

5. --- What day is it today?--- It's Monday.

--- What do we have on Mondays?--- We have English, Chinese and P.E.--- Great!

Q: What day are they talking about?

四、听短文判断下列句子正误,与录音内容一致的在括号内写“T”;不一致的写“F”。(5分) Five friends are talking about their favourite food.

1. Hi, I'm Cat. My favourite food is fish. But today I would like some chicken for lunch.

2. Hi, I'm Monkey. I like apples. They're sweet.

3. I'm Rabbit. I like fruit. But I don't like grapes. They're sour. Bananas are my favourite. They're tasty.

4. I'm Zip. I like carrot juice. It's fresh and healthy.

5. Hi, I'm Zoom. I like beef, but I'm heavy now. I have to eat vegetables.


We are rabbits. We have a new flat. It's on the third floor. There are two bedrooms, a

bathroom and a living room. I'm a baby rabbit. I have my own room now. It's small and nice. There is a mirror, a bed and a big closet. There are green curtains and two end tables. There is a new air-conditioner. It's cool. I love my new room very much.

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