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二、 选择。(20☆) ( ) 1.What’s she like? -----____________

A. She’s 30. B. He’s strong. C. She’s short and young.

( ) 2.Is she strict? -----____________

A. She's our principal. B. No, she's kind. C. She is a teacher.

( ) 3. What do you have on Tuesdays? -----____________

A. It's Tuesday. B. We have computer, P.E. and math.

C. We like Chinese and English.

( ) 4.What day is it today? -----____________

A. It’ s Thursday. B. Birthday C. It’s 5:00.

( ) 5.who’s that young woman? ------_____my principal.

A. She B. She’s C. Her


1. she quiet is . ____________________________________

2. What’s like he ? _________________________________________

3. day it is What today ? ____________________________________________

4. English teacher your who’s ?_________________________________________


1. ____________ your new English teacher?(Who’s /What’s) --------Miss Li.

2. ____________ he like? (Who’s /What’s) -------He’s young and strong.

3. -------Is your Chinese teacher strict? --------Yes, ____________.(he is/he isn’t)

4. Who’s that young man? ------- ____________ is our P.E. teacher.(He/She)

5. _________________ is it today?( What’s day/What day) -------It’s Monday today.


Jack: Good morning. Can I interview you for the school newspaper?

Mike: Sure, please.

Jack: ______________

Mike: I often play computer games and play ping-pong. Jack: __________ Mike: Mr. Carter. He’s young .____________ Jack: _____________ Mike: You’re welcome. 1

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