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四年级上学期Book3 Unit 5—8 ( A) 姓名___________________


( ) 1.f_ _ t A. ea B. ee C. oe

( ) 2.m_ _th A. uu B. ou C.uo

( ) 3.gu__t__r A. i,a B. a,i C. i,e

( ) 4.col__ __ A. ur B.or C. ar

( ) 5.t__ __k A.ul B al C el

( ) 6.cl__ __n A.ee B.ae C.ea


( ) 1.What are you doing? A. Yes, he does.

( ) 2. Are the pears in the bag? B. No, she isn’t.

( ) 3.Is she thinking? C. She wants a doll.

( ) 4.What does your sister want? D. Yes, they are.

( ) 5.Does he want a toy bear? E. I’m washing the car.


( ) 1.These____ my eyes. A. is B. are C. am

( ) 2.This is_____ mouth. A. he’s B. her C . she’s

( ) 3._____ he want a violin? No, he doesn’t. A. Is B. Do C. Does

( )4.My mother ____ a guitar. A. want B. wants C. is

( ) 5.____________a doll. A. I not B. I’m not C. I is not

( ) 6.Listen, the bird ________in the tree. A. sings B. singing C. is singing

( ) 7. Who is ________ the violin? -------Mary. A.plays B.playing C. play

( ) 8.____they running? No, they ______. A. Are; are B.Do; don’t C.Are; aren’t

( ) 9. Let’s ______ the floor together. A. clean B. cleaning C. cleans

( ) 10.It’s Sunday today. I can_____ volleyball. A. playing B. plays C.play

( ) 11.Does he _____ the dishes every day? A.washing B.washes C.wash

( ) 12.It’s eight o’clock now. I’m____ my clothes. A. washing B. wash C. washes


Model A: This is my face.

1. ( your, arms)______________________________________________________________

2.( his, feet)_________________________________________________________________ Model B: What do you want? I want a doll.

1. they , computer games


2. she, toy car

_________________________________________________________________________ Model C: What are you doing? I’m thinking.

1. Tony, cutting paper


2. your mother, sweeping the fioor



1. are, these, legs, Jenny’s(.) ________________________________________________

2. Tony, want, does, a puzzle (?) ____________________________________________

3. grandmother, my , a, wants, pear (.)_________________________________________ 4,.are, doing, what, Tony, Gogo, and(?)_________________________________________


1.Is this your mouth?______________________________________________________

2. What does your father want? ______________________________________________

3.Are you washing the clothes? ___________________________________________

4.What is your mother doing now? ___________________________________________



2. 3. 4.

1. These are her ____________.

2. What are they doing? They’re______________.

3. What does he want? He_____ a ______ _________.

4. Is he _________ ________ __________? Yes, he is.


Lucy and Lily are twin sisters. Today is Sunday. It’s their birthday. Mother buys a doll for Lucy and a toy bear for Lily. Father buys a big cake. Now the cake is on the table. There are eight candles on the cake. They are eight today. They sing birthday songs and eat the cake. They have a happy day.

( ) 1. Lucy and Lily are twin brothers.

( ) 2. Today is Lucy and Lily’s birthday.

( ) 3.Mother buys a toy bear for Lily and and a doll for Lucy.

( ) 4.There are nine candles on the cake.

四年级上学期Book3 Unit 5—8 ( B) 姓名___________________

一、写出与下列句子画线部分同类的单词。 ________________ ____________________ _______________________ ________________ ____________________ _______________________

3. What are you doing? I’________________ ____________________ _______________________


( )1.Touch your two_______ . A. foots B. feets C. feet

( )2.____ your mouth! The baby is sleeping. A. Open B. Close C. Touch

( )3.I can run with my______. A. mouth B. arms C. legs

( )4.What does Jenny_____? She _____ a skirt.

A. want; wants B. wants; wants C. want; want

( )5.She _____ the violin on Saturday. A. play B. plays C. playing

( )6.We _____ five oranges . A. want B. wants C. likes

( )7. Is Lisa ______ the paper? Yes, she is. A.cutting B. cuting C. cuts

( ) 8.______ everyone here? Yes. A. Are B. Is C. Does

( ) 9.Can you play with me? A. No, I can. B. Sorry, I can’t. C. Yes,I can’t.

( ) 10. ______ Jenny fold the clothes every day? Yes, she does.

A. Is B. Does C. Do

( ) 11. Are your friend and you cleaning the windows now? No,_________.

A. I’m not B. we are C. we aren’t

( ) 12.Is he working now? A. Yes, he does. B. Yes, he is. C. No, he is.


A: Today is___________. ______________ go to the zoo.

B: I’m ________________. I _____________ go to the zoo. I’m busy.

A: What are you ____________? B: I’m ___________ my room. It’s dirty.( 肮脏的) A: Ok, let me __________ you. B: Thank you.


Model A: Do you want a computer game? Yes, I do.

1. she, puzzle


2. they, toy planes

_________________________________________________________________________ Model B: Is this your nose? Yes, it is.

1. her, hands


2. his, mouth

_________________________________________________________________________ Model C: Is she shouting ? No, she isn’t.

1. you, dancing


2. your friend, washing the clothes



1. Are these your arms?_______________________________________________

2. Are you folding the clothes? ______________________________________________

3. Does your mother want apples?______________________

4. Do they want dolls?________________________



2. 3. 4.

1. What do you want? 2. Is this your ___________? Yes, ______ is.

3.Is she ___________? No. she _________.

4. What is she doing? She’s _________ __________ ____________.


Linda is my friend. She likes drawing. Look, she is painting a picture now. In the picture, there is a black lake. In the black lake, there is a black snake. What’s the snake doing? It’s swimming.

( ) 1.Linda likes drawing.

( ) 2.She is coloring a picture now.

( ) 3.There is a big lake in the picture.

( ) 4.There is a black snake in the lake.

( ) 5.The snake is swimming.

四年级上学期Book3 Unit 5—8 ( C ) 姓名_______________

一、 选择正确的字母补全单词。

( ) 1.p__ zzle A. a B. u C.o

( ) 2. n__ s__ A. u;e B. o;e C.a;e

( ) 3.sw__ __p A. ee B. ea C .ae

( )4.w__ __k A. ar B. or C.ur

( ) 5. c__mp__ter A. a;u B.u; u C.o;u

二、 选择题。

( )1.I eat ___ egg every day. A. a B.an C.the

( )2.Don’t ______. The baby is sleeping. A. talk B. talking C. talks

( )3.The girls ______ now. A.is shouting B. are shouting C. shouting

( )4.Is he running? No, ________. A. he not B. he is C. he’s not

( ) 5.____ you studying? Yes, I_____. A. Are; am B. Do; do C. Are; are

( ) 6. ___ he like English? No, he doesn’t. A. Do B. Does C. Is

( )7. _____ he? He’s my friend. A.Who’s B. Whose C. Who

( )8.What is he doing? He’s ________. A. cut B. cutting C. cuting

( )9. I can ____ a cake. Now I’m ________ a cake.

A. make; make B.make; makeing C. make; making

( ) 10. Touch _______ mouth, please. A. you B. your C. yours

三、 根据汉语提示,结合句意写出适当的英语单词。

1. Gogo isn’t __________ (睡觉). He is_____________( 思考)now.

2. This is my__________ (嘴巴).

3. Are they _____________(玩) baseball?

4. Jenny is ________ _____________ (煮早餐) now.

5. My father often ____________ (擦)the windows on__________(星期天).

四、 从右栏中选出左栏的正确答语。

( ) 1. What are they doing? A. Yes, it is.

( ) 2.Are you cleaning the desk? B. No, he isn’t.

( ) 3.Is he busy? C. Sorry, I can’t.

( ) 4.Can you play with me? D. She wants oranges.

( ) 5. Is this your eye? E. No, we aren’t.

( ) 6.What does your mother want? F. They are running.

五、 从方框中选出正确的选项填空,使对话意思完整正确。

A: Jenny, I ____________ see Tony. ____________ is he?

B: Sorry, _____________________.

A: Gogo! Where is Tony? B: He is ______________ the park.

A: What’s he doing? B: He’s _______________________ with his friend.

六、 仿照例句写句子。

Model A: Does she want a guitar? No, she doesn’t.

1. you, puzzle


2. he, drums


Model B: Are these your arms? No, they aren’t.

1. his, feet_____________________________________________________________________

2. her, hand___________________________________________________________________

七、 按实际情况回答问题。

1. What does your brother want?________________________

2. Is your mother washing the dishes now? ________________________________________

3. Do you want a computer game?________________________________________________

八、 看图完成句子。


2. 3. 4.

1. Is Tony____________ a picture? Yes, he is.

2. The boy is ______________ the paper.

3. _______ he want a drum? No, he _____________.

4. What is he doing? She’s ___________ ______________ ______________.

九、 阅读理解,判断对错,对的写“T”,错的写“F”。

Look, this is my room. It’s not big, but I like it. You can see two toy bears on my bed. They are pink. They are my birthday presents. On the desk there is a brown basketball. I play basketball on Saturday and Sunday. I love it very much. I like music too. I often listen to music in my room.

( ) 1. My room is big.

( ) 2. I have two toy bears.

( ) 3. The basketball is brown.

( ) 4. I like basketball and music.

( ) 5. I play basketball on Friday.

四年级上学期Book3 Unit 5—Culture 2 ( D) 姓名___________________

一、 选择正确的字母补全单词。

( ) 1.b_ _r A. ae B. ou C.ea

( ) 2.dr_ __ A. un B. um C. am

( ) 3.ex__ __cise A. ur B.er C. ar

( ) 4.sh__ __t A.au B ou C eu

( ) 5.clo__ __es A.sh B.th C.ch

二、 用下面的词填空,使句子通顺。

A: Hello. ___________ I speak to Danny, please? B: ______________________ A:Hi, Danny. This is Paul.________ are you? B:Hi, Paul. I’m fine,thanks. A:The winter holiday is coming. I’m going to visit America with my mother. B:Cool! ___________ do you want to do there?

A: I want to look at __________________________.

三、 根据情景,选择最佳答案。

( ) 1.你想叫Jenny闭上嘴巴,应说:

A. Close your mouth. B. Touch your mouth. C. Open your mouth.

( ) 2.你想知道你的妹妹想不想要洋娃娃,该问她:

A. Do you want a doll? B.What do you want? C. Does your sister want a doll?

( ) 3.你想叫Tony一起去打篮球,你会问:

A. Let’s play basketball. B. Let’s play soccer. C. Let’ play a game.

( ) 4.妈妈在搞清洁,你会对爸爸说:

A. Mom is cleaning the desk. B. Mom is shouting.

C. Is Mom sweeping the floor?

( ) 5.你想要一台游戏机,你告诉爸爸:

A. Do you want a computer game, Dad? B. I want a computer game, Dad.

C. I have a computer game, Dad.


( ) 1.Do you want a toy? ______________

A. Yes, you do. B. Yes, please. C. No, you don’t.

( ) 2. The boy _______ a science book. A. want B. wants C. like

( ) 3.Betty has ___ art book. She doesn’t have ______ music book.

A. an; a B. a; an C. an; an

( ) 4. ____ they want a soccer? No ,they_____.

A.Do; doesn’t B. Does; doesn’t C. Do; don’t

( ) 5.My toy bear is ____ the floor. A. in B.on C. under

( ) 6. What does your mother do on Sunday? She _____ food.

A. cook B. cooks C. cooking

( ) 7. What are you doing? I’m _____________.

A. folding the clothes B. clean the desk C. sweep the floor

( ) 8.Is she _____ the dishes? Yes, she is. A.wash B. washing C. washes


Model 1: What’s he doing? He’s fishing?

____________________________________________________________( they, study)

Model 2: Do you want a puzzle? Yes, I do.

___________________________________________________________ ( Jenny)

Model 3: This is my face.

_____________________________________________________________( feet)


1. __________ he talking? 1


No,he isn’t. He’s ___________.

2.What do they want?

They want a ______________. 3 4.3.These are _________ _________.

4. He’s ________ _______ __________.


1.What do they want?________________________________________________

2.Is your mother cleaning the windows? _________________________________

八、阅读理解,判断对错,对的写“T”, 错的写“F”。

It’s Sunday. Lisa goes to the park with her mother. There are many people in the park. Look, four boys are playing basketball on the playground. A small girl is studying English under a big tree. An old man is playing with his dog. Where are Lisa and her mother ? Oh, they’re in the playground,too. Lisa is sitting on a swing. Her mother is watching her.

( ) 1. Lisa goes to the park on Saturday.

( ) 2.Four boys are playing baseball on the playground.

( ) 3. The small girl is under a big tree.

( ) 4. The dog is the old man’s.

( ) 5.Lisa is sitting on a tree.

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