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姓名:_________ 得分:______

第一卷 听力部分


( )1、A、will B、week C、weather D、wear ( )2、A、teach B、taught C、thing D、thought ( )3、A、this B、these C、that D、those ( )4、A、played B、player C、play D、playing ( )5、A、snack B、shirt C、shorts D、soccer ( )6、A、watch B、win C、won D、wash ( )7、A、before B、brush C、basketball D、baths ( )8、A、fish B、fruit C、foot D、food ( )9、A、last B、onion C、once D、twice ( )10、A、strong B、sick C、santa D、Sunday 二、选出你所听到的句子(10) ( )1、A、I like to swim.. B、I like to skip.

C、I like to wear shorts. .

( )2、A、Do you like this one or that one ? B、Do you like these or those ?

C、Do you like the red one or the blue one ? ( )3、A、Are you ready to Learn basketball ? B、Are you ready to Learn badmiton ? C、Are you ready to Learn soccer ?

( )4、A、Jenny and Li Ming buy some things at the store . B、Jenny and Li Ming bought some things at the store . C、Jenny and Li Ming taught each other a sport . ( )5、A、Sometimes I play sports with my friends. B、Sometimes I fly a kite . C、Sometimes I like to look at flowers . ( )6、A、I will wake up at 7:00

B、I will eat breakfast at 7:15

C、I will drive my car to school at 7:00

( )7、A、I will say hello to my mother and father .

B、I will visit my cousin .Jing and my aunt and uncle . C、I will play ping-pong with my friends . ( )8、A、She brushes her teeth and combs her hair . B、She puts on her clothes and goes to school . C、She goes to school five times a week . ( )9、A、For strong bones you need to eat foods . B、For strong muscles you need exercise .

C、For healthy skin you need to take baths . ( )10、A、How often do you eat donuts ?

B、How often do you eat vegetables ? C、How often do you eat cabbage ? 三、按你所听到的顺序给下列单词排序。(10分)

1、expensive 2、swimsuit 3、airplane 4、triangle 5、camera _________________________________________________________________________ 1、vegetables 2、cabbage 3、minutes 4、season 5、skip


第二卷 笔试部分

一、英汉互译:把相应的序号填在英语句子前的括号里(20分) ( )1、Ping-pong is my favourite sport . ( )2、What's your favourite fruit ?

( )3、This flower is strong It is healthy . ( )4、I like to wear shorts and sandals . ( )5、What will you do ?

( )6、He plays basketball on Saturdays .

( )7、Jenny and Li Ming arrive at the gym at 7:00 . ( )8、You hit the ping-pong ball with this paddle . ( )9、How will they go to the store?


1、What will you ______ ? A、do B、does C、did

2、I am going ______ English . A、teach B、to teach C、teaching 3、Last summer we _______to a lake . A、go B、going C、went

4、Let's have a party ______ him to say good - bye . A、to B、for C、with

5、________ healthy body , you need to eat good food . A、For B、Because C、To 三、连线题(每个1分,共10分)

A、cabbage a、轻、轻的 B、soccer b、买 C、brush c、旗帜 D、muscle d、刷 E、buy e、公园

F、light f、卷心菜 G、throw g、足球 H、park h、肌肉 I、flag i、沙子 J、sand j、投、扔


1、how often _____________ 2、play sports _____________ 3、fly a kite _____________ 4、

swimming pool _____________ 5、go swimming ___________ 6、be late _________________ 7、take off ______________ 8、listen to _______________ 9、run into a tree_________ 10、look like ______________

1、These are ________ 2、_______ is exercise

3、This is a basketball ______ 4、I like ___________

5、They are playing___________ 6、They like to ______

7、Jenny likes to ____________ 8、Jenny likes to ______

9、This is a pair of _________ 10、They are having a ____for LiMing .


1. soccer badminton basketball surger

2. cabbage peas onions donuts

3. day month week skin

4.T-shirt shorts runners pleyer

5. strawberry melon grapes strong

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