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The Hidden Blade 、Twilight Samurai、When the Last Sword is Drawn

Samurai Trilogy was written by the same author and their writing styles are similar. They all include a lot of details of common life and all-time love, in addition to a few scenes of fights. Its core focuses on a kind of attitude and spirit of the warrior towards life and love. In fact, these three films mean to reflect a true Samurai spirit, which are reflecting more kendo than warrior's way. This spirit is different from those swordsmen’s fair fight and dignity death for lover.

Why is Samurai Trilogy extremely moving and attractive? There are large quantities of film details, plenty of forebear and some short breakouts. After all these affections, the whole world is back to peace, a kind of silent peace. That is what the core fascination is laying. Let us talk about the first one Twilight Samurai. An inferior warrior with a little salary of fifty yen, whose wife died of serious illness, takes care of his family every day. He has an old mother and two youngest daughters, so he has no time to play and drink with his workmates after work. Therefore, his workmates give him a nick name “Twilight Samurai”. Because he is so busy that he always wears dirty clothes. Once he was scolded by his superior due to this and he had been laughing by other colleagues for a long time. Nevertheless, he is a kind father and also a top Kendo master, but no one knows that. In his bottom of heart, there is a woman called PengJiang, who was growing up with him together from childhood. Many years ago, before he expressed his love to her, she told him that she was engaged to other.

Now let’s turn our eyes to the second one The Hidden Blade. Here is also an inferior warrior who is crazy about a maid who is married to a businessman later in his family. Because of his honorable identity, he didn’t marry her. But three years later, they meet accidentally, and he knows that her life is miserable and she is always hurt by her husband after marriage. On hearing this, he takes her back to his family and their relations is still the same as before, that is she is also a maid, and he is also her master. But some gossips are spread around and in such bad situation; she has to go back to her mother’s home for taking refuge. Later, he was sent to fight with a man.

He made the fighting with the hidden blade.

The last one is When the Last Sword is Drawn. It is about a kind wife who was violated by her husband superior just in order to protect her husband’s warrior identity. Her husband beat the superior and at last he was with his wife sweetly. The softest in our audience’s heart is that fight is just a courage and dignity. What he really wants is a peaceful and sufficient inner, which can accompany their rest life for long even if in the darkest world.

In my mind, three films have two distinct lines to describe and express love and fight, with the most elegant and charming details to show how great the love is. At the same time, they show the warrior spirit from another aspect, although in some points, scenes shoot is smooth and steady, without having those sharp cut or exaggerate drawings. But all these don’t affect the effect of the film. It embodies swords spirit best.




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