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In a Nature Park

Word list?????????sky 天空mountain 山;山脉flower 花lake 湖泊path 路;小道nature park 自然公园farm 农场holiday 假期picture 照片cloud 云river 河流grass 草forest 森林park 公园

Let's chant?








?The grass is green.The sky is blue.The air is clean.The day is new.The wind blows.The clouds play.The river flows.Beautiful day,beautiful day!

Picture 1

?The sky is gray.

Picture 2

?The sky is blue.?I like picture 2!

?Is there a village over there??Yes,there is.

?Is there a path here??No,there isn't.

–Is there a lake in the nature park?–Yes, but it's very far. There is a river near here.

–Are there any pandas in the mountains?

–No, there aren't.

?There is a forest in the nature park.

–Is there a forest?

–Yes, there is.

Let's talk

Zhang: There 's a nature park in the city.

John: Is there a river in the park?

Zhang: Yes, there is.John: Is there a farm?Zhang: No, there isn't.

Read and write?










?Wu: Look! This is my holiday picture.Sarah: Is it a nature park?Wu: Yes,it is.Sarah: Is there a forest in the park?Wu: Yes,there is.Sarah: Is there a river?Wu: No,there isn't.Sarah: Is there a lake?Wu: Yes,there is.Sarah: Do you like this park?Wu: Yes, it's pretty.

B.Let's learn

?There are many small houses in my village.

Pair work

?There are tall buildings in the city.?There are small houses in the village.

Let's play

?Are there any rivers in your village??No, there aren't.

Let's talk

?Sarah: Are there any bridges in your village??Zhang: Yes, there are.

?Sarah: Are there any tall buildings in your village?

?Zhang: No,there aren't.

?Sarah: I like my village.There are many rivers and bridges in the

?village. The water is clean. The air is fresh.

?Chen: I like my village, too. There are many mountains near my village. There are no tall buildings.The sky is blue.The clouds are white.I can run on the grass.?Sarah: Are there any pandas in the mountains??Chen: No, there aren't. Are there any fish in the rivers?

?Sarah: Yes, there are.You can see many fish.




?Fish the sentences.Sarah's village: There are many _________and ___________.Thereare many_______in the rivers.Chen's village:There are many__________near the village.There

are no_________________.There are no in the mountains.

C Task time

?1. Make a tourism ad for a nature park or a mountain village.?For example:

?Green grass,

?blue lakes,and

?beautiful mountains

?are waiting for you!

?Welcome to Blue Lake


2. Talk about your ad.?



?There is a clean river.There are blue lakes and green mountains.Are there any tall buildings?No, there aren't.


?er wh

?teacherriverfarmerdinner who whose whole whom

?or wh

?doctoractor visitorauthorwhy what where white?Father and moter eat dinner at the river.

?An actor is the visitor of a doctor.

?Who's playing with the white whales?

Good to know

?The panda lives in China. It lives in mountains.?It lives in bamboo forests.

?The panda can climb trees. The panda eats bamboo.?The baby panda is called a cub. It's cute.

?There are only 1000 pandas. They need nature parks.

Let's sing

?High in the moun-tain, deep in the for-est.?Where the air is fresh and clean, the

?panda eats bam-boo.The panda eats bam-boo.

?Chomp, chop, chew, chew, yum-my bam-boo.

Thank you!?Terific!

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