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1 It’s the station. It’s the hill.

It’s the hill. It’s the house

2 Six yuan ten

3 Let ‘s the bus,

4 we can see interesting things

5 look the people the park .

6 look at the people the lake

7 look at the men the big trees

8 I live No.2 park street

9 It’s a supermarket.

It’s the cinema

10 she ‘s reading a book china

11 He’s playing a toy train

12 Noodles tomato and egg.

13 Turn the light.

14 we are going plane.

15 we are get up 5 o’clock

16 I’m / the UK

17 This is bag.

18 what are you going to do day?

19 Here is a book you.

20 It’s the sping festival

21 what do you 22 There is a girl the tree.

二 短语

1. play basketball参加足球运动2 . read a book 读一本书

3 .take pictures照相 4. watch Tv看电视

5. play with a toy train_玩一个玩具火车

6.talk to my friend和我的朋友谈话

7.listen to music听音乐 8. do taijiquan 打太极

9. row a dragon boat_划龙舟

10 play chess下象棋 11. drink soya milk 喝豆浆

12. draw pictures画画 13. jump跳 14. sing唱歌


15. run跑步 16. dance跳舞 17.make noodles制作面条

18. make dumpling制作水饺 19 .run fast跑的快

20. jump high 跳得高 21 .jump far 跳得远

22. ride fast骑得快 23. go straight on 直着走

24. turn left 左转 25. turn right右转

26.Happy birthday 生日快乐 27. happy Halloween 万圣节快乐 28. come in 进来 29.You are welcome 不客气

30. eat vegetable 吃蔬菜 31. climb a tree爬树

32. Watch the cat 看猫 33. ride a horse 骑一匹马

34 .eat rice 吃米 35 .eat fruit 吃水果

36. eat sweets 吃糖 37. on the bike 在自行车上

38. by plane乘飞机 39. swim in the sea 在海里游泳

40. get up at 5 o’clock 在5点起床

41 .play in the park 在公园玩 42. fly a kite 放风筝

43. row a boat 划船 44. every day每天

45 .run the 100 metrs 跑100米 46. Good luck 祝好运 47.come on加油

48. do the high jump 跳高

49. do the long jump 跳远 50 .spring festival 春节

51. happy new year 新年快乐 52. sing songs唱歌

53. give presents给礼物 54. eat lots of food 吃许多的食物 55. Christmas tree 圣诞树

三 问句

1 where ‘s the train ? It’s at the station

It’s up the hill. It’s down the hill.

It’s near the house

2 Do you want some rice? Yes,please / No ,thank you

3 How much is it? Six yuan for ten

4 can you run fast? Yes, I can ,No ,I can’t

5 can sam play football? Yes, he can ,No, he can’t

6 can I help you ? can we help you ?

7 what do you want?

8 can you go to buy some eggs? Of couse


9 what are you doing?

I’m listening to music.

10 what are they doing? What are the kids doing? They are rowing a dragon boat

11 what’s the elephant doing ?

It’s drawing pictures.

12 what’s Amy doing ?

she ‘s reading a book about china

13 what’s Tom doing ?

He’s playing with a toy train

14 what do you do at Christmas?

We sing songs .

15 what ‘s it about? It’s about the spring festival.

16 what’s the spring festival.? It’s the Chinese New year 17 what are you going to do on sports day?

I’m going to do the high jump

18 what are you going to do?

I’m going to run

19 Are you going to run? Yes, I am / No, I amn’t

20 where are you form ? I’m from china.

21 who’s the girl? It’s lingling .

22 can I come in ? yes, of course

23 can I have some sweets? Yes, you can / sorry ,you can’t 24 How about you? I’m going to run。


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