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1. One day Mr. and Mrs. White go shopping by car. They stop their car near a store. They buy a lot of things and they want to put the things in the car. But Mr. White can’t open the door of the car, so they ask a policeman to help them. The policeman is very friendly to help them. Just then a man comes up and shouts: “What are you doing with my car?”

Mr. and Mrs. White take a look at the car’s number and they are frozen there. It isn’t their car.

( ) 1. Mr. and Mrs. White drive for ___________.

A. fishing B. shopping C. business

( ) 2. They stop their car _________.

A. at the parking spot B. near the sea C. near the store

( ) 3. They want to put the things _______.

A. in a big bag B. in their car C. in other’s car

( ) 4. Mr. White can’t open the car, so __________.

A. they walk home

B. they ask a policeman to help

C. they call a taxi

2.Mr Brown lives in a nice house in a small town with his wife(妻子) , Mrs Brown. From Monday to Friday he works in an office near his house. He is free on Saturdays and Sundays. He has a nice garden beside his house. He likes growing flowers and he often works in the garden on Saturdays and

Sundays. The flowers are very beautiful and Mrs Brown likes them very much. She often helps Mr Brown.

( )1. Mr Brown lives in _________with his wife.

A. a city B. a small town C. a big town

( )2. He works_________ days a week in his office.

A. four B. five C. six

( )3. He isn’t _________on Saturdays and Sundays.

A. free B. busy C. happy

( )4. He likes _________ on Saturdays and Sundays.

A. working in his garden B. walking in his gardon

C. looking at his garden

( )5. Mrs Brown _________ the flowers.

A. like B. doesn’t like C. often helps

3.There is a new park near my house. It’s a fine day today. My family and I are in the park now. On my left, there is a cafe. On my right, there is a big lake. There are many fiowers and trees near the lake. There’s a small hill behind the lake. Near the lake, there is a sign. It says,“Don’tswim in the lake!”There is a playground in the middle of the park. There are some small shops near the gate. The park is so beautiful. We like it very much.

( )1. The park near my house is _____.

A. new and beautiful B. old and beautiful C. clean and new D. old and clean

( )2. Is there a cafe in the park? ______

A. Yes, there isn’t. B. No, there isn’t. C. Yes, there is. D.No, there is.

( )3. Peopie can’t _______in the lake.

A. swim B. fish C. boat D.play

( )4. The shops in the park are4 not _______

A. small B. big C. good D.pretty

( )5. -Do we like the park? -________

A. Yes, we do. B.No,we do. C.Yes, you do. D. No,we don’t.

3Have you ever been to Beijing, our capital? It’s far away from

Guangzhou. IT’s 2,478kilometers from Beijing to Guangzhou. The cityof Kunming is 1,706 kilometers away from Guangzhou. It’s always warm there. But it’s very hot in summer in Wuhan, which is 1,225 kilometers away from Guangzhou. Changsha is near Guangzhou. It’s 833 kilometers from

Changsha to Guangzhou. Do you know which city is the biggest in China? It’s Shanghai. It’s 1,780 kilometers from Guangzhou to Shanghai.If you travel by air, you’ll find it very interesting and fast enough to fly from Guangzhou to Beijing. It only takes you about four hours and you’ll get there easily, safely and unhurriedly. But traveling by train is quite different. You have to stay on the train for more then thirty hours to arrive in Beijing. More and more

people like to travel by air. You can see why, can’t you?

1. If you have been to Beijing , our capital, you’ll know______.

A. it’s not far away from all the other cities in China.

B. You have to travel long y land from Guangzhou to Beijing

C. It’s not far away from us all.

D. It’s not far away from Guangzhou

2. From the passage we know ____has the longest way to Guangzhou except Shanghai.

A. Wuhan B.Changsha C.Beijing D.Kunming

3. Which is wrong?

A. Wuhan is very hot in summer.

B. It’s warm in winter in Guangzhou.

C. It’s as warm in winter in Kunming as Beijing.

D. It’s 1,225 kilometres from Wuhan to Guangzhou.

4. Which is right?

A..Kunming is 2.478 kilometres away from Beijing.

B.It’s 833 kilometers away from Guangzhou to Changsha.

C.Beijing is the hottest city in China.

D.Guangzhou is the biggest city in China.

5. Why do more and more people in China like to travel by

air?Because ________

A. it is faster and more interesting than by train.

B. Chinese people like planes.

C. Traveling by train is much cheaper

D. It is more expensive and faster than by train.

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