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将A句中黑斜体单词改变一个字母,使其成为一个新单词,并将这个新单词填入B句中的横线上,使B句通顺合理。(8 分 )

1. A: My mother is a nurse. B: I put the money in the .

2. A: Can you see a toy bear ? B: We often buy some in the grocery store.

3.A: Let’s bake the cake. B: He often goes fishing at the

4.A: I bought a cap at the supermarket. B: She is taking a on the sofa.

5.A: My sister failed the math test. B: I like apples .

6.A: My parents often make some paper plane for me.

B:I sometimes some pictures in the park.

7.A:The zoo is near the hospital. B: Did your sister a noise last night?

8. A: Today is a bad day. B: He looked because he lost the game.


Spring Festival is the 1st day of the lunar calendar. It usually comes in January ___ February. B________ Spring Festival, people are busy shopping and doing some c______. On the Watch Night, there is a big family dinner. A_______ dinner , all the family members stay up ______ to welcome the New Year . People put on their _____ clothes and go to ______ their friends or relatives. They say “_______ New Year” and some other greetings to each other.


China is in B. Africa). It’s a very

B. big) country. But it’s smaller B. bigger) than Canada. Australia is the greatest island in the world. It’s (A.bigger B.smaller) than China. It’(A.earth B.moon). So when it is (A.summer B.winter) in Australia. Australia B.pandas).


1.There are minutes in an hour.

2. . You can see the bus stop.


4. My father is going to the USA I won’t up late tonight because I want to up early to say goodbye to him. He is going by plane.

( B ) Move the Bag

One day , a rabbit is on the way to her grandfather’s home . She sees many carrots on the road . She quickly runs back home and takes a big bag . She puts all the carrots into the bag . Then she tries to move it . It’s so hard !Because the bag is too heavy , she can’t move it . Just then , a dog comes and wants to help her . But they still can’t move the big bag . At last , the dog asks his friends to come to help . They are the chicken and the sheep . The rabbit is very happy . They begin to move . This time it is so easy(容易) !

(一) 阅读短文,判断正误,正确的写T ; 错误的写F。( 5分 )

( )1. The rabbit is on the way home .

( ) 2. The rabbit gets a bag from her grandfather .

( )3.The chicken and the sheep are the dog’s friends .

( ) 4.The dog and the sheep help the rabbit .

( )5.The animals can move the bag at last .

(二) 根据短文,完成下列句子,每空一词。(5分)

6.The rabbit sees lots of on the road .

7.There are many carrots in the bag . The bag is very .

8.The rabbit can’t the bag .

9.The dog his friend to help the rabbit .

10.The rabbit is very .


1. happy ( ) 2.heavy( ) 3.last ( ) 4.out ( )

(四)判断下列单词划线部分的发音是否相同,相同的请写“Y”, 否则写


1.( )day Monday 2.( )move home 3. ( )then they 4.( ) many bag 5.( )chicken sheep 6.( )tries time

十.作文( 5 分)

暑假就要到了,Ben 打算和家人一起去香港,请以“A trip to Hong Kong ” 为题,写一写他们一家出行的计划。



It’s the _________ day of the school. Tom _______ up early in the morning.

He eats ________ pieces of ________ for breakfast. Then he ______ a bus to

school. He has__________ with his _________ on the playground _______ school


Tom is an English boy. He is seven years old. This is the first day of the new term. Tom is

very happy.he is going to school. Tom gets up early in the morning. He eats three

pieces of bread for breakfast. Then he goes to school by bus. He has fun with his

friends on the playground after school.


1.Today is Day.

2. is Johnny’s English teacher.

3.Johnny’s English teacher is about .

4.Johnny and his classmates give their English teacher some

and greeting .


Today is Teachers’ Day. In our class , we give Miss Li some flowers and

Teachers’ Day cards to thank her for teaching us so well.

Miss Li is our English teacher. She is about thirty. She always comes to school

early and leaves school late. After work, she often listens to music at home.She’s

a good teacher. We all like her.



( )1. We’re playing volleyball on the beach.

( )2. They’re my father’s brother. ( )3. Let’s go to an island. ( )4. We can’t go here. ( )5. I love my father very much.


It’s _________ evening now. Jim and his family are at home. Jim’s mother is

__________ by the window. Jim’s sister is a school girl. She’s doing her homework.

John is a little boy. He’s very ________ . John’s father is reading a book in the

_________ . He is wearing a ________ coat. The family is having a good time.

七、听录音,根据录音内容,判断下列句子的对错。对的在括号里打“√” ,错的在


( )1.Mr. Green is English. ( )2.Mrs Green is a housewife.

( ) 3.Jack is older than Mary. ( ) 4.The big bike is for Jack.

( )5.On Sundays the Greens ride the bike in the park.



1. Where are you? We are on the beach. What are you doing? We’re playing volleyball.

2.Who are they? Are they your uncles? Yes, they’re my mother’s brother.

3.Where are you going? We’re going to an island. Let’s go.

4.Excuse me? Can we go there? No, we can’t.

5. Father, I love you very much!


It’s ’s mother is by the window. Jim’s sister is a school girl. She’s doing her homework. John is a little boy. He’s very ’s father is readi coat. The family is having a good time.

七、听录音,根据录音内容,判断下列句子的对错。对的在括号里打“√” ,错的在括号里打“×”。

Hello. My name is Jack. I have a happy family. There are four people in my family. They are my father Mr. Green,my mother Mrs Green ,my sister Mary and me.We are from Enland. My mother is a housewife.Mary is my elder sister. Oh, I have a big bike.On Saturdays, we ride the bike in the park. We are happy all the time.


(Mary is six years old. It’s nine o’clock at night.Mary is going home.) Mary is walking home this evening. Suddenly she finds a girl is behind her. She runs ,the girl runs .She stops ,the girl stops,too.“Who are you ? What are you doing?” Mary aks. There is no answer .Mary begins to run .“Don’t run after me. Go away.” The girl is still running after her. She shouts ,“Help! Help!” Mary runs back home.

“Dad,help me, there is a girl always behind me. You see.” Father takes a look and smiles.

“Mary, don’t worry. The girl is you. That is your shadow.”


( )1、Where is Mary?

A、At home. B、At night. C、On the way home.

( )2、There is a girl ________ Mary.

A、behind B、in front of

( )3、The girl says ________ to Mary.

A、Help B、something C、nothing

( )4、In fact(事实上),the girl is ___________

A、Dad B、Mary C、Mary’s skadow


1、day __________ 2、ask _________ 3、end__________

4、come __________ 5、cry __________

6、in front of ________________

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