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Book 1 ModuleTwo My new teachers

Reading(教案 No.4)

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一. 教学内容

My new teacher————Mr Wu

二. 教学目标

1学习新词汇 2.能够读懂文章 3.识记固定短语,习惯表达

三.教学重点: 能读懂文章

四.教学难点: 识记固定短语,习惯表达

五.教学过程:Step 1. 回顾反思:用if or unless填空

1. ____you need help ,please tell me.

2._______it rains tomorrow , we will go to picnic.

3.I won’t give you any help_______you ask me to.

4.My parents will not buy me a present____I can’t pass the exam.

Step 2.会读新单词并填写汉语意思

1.literature____________ 2. loudly_____________



(respect sb./ respect sth. Show respect for sb,

Step 3.阅读文章回答问题(独立阅读,合作探究)

1.Who is the most popular teacher of the three new teachers?

2. What subject does Mr Wu teach ?

3.What does Mr Wu often do when we get tired?

Step 4. 根据文章内容翻译下面短语

1.Chinese literature___________ 2.事实上,实际上—————

3.入睡,睡着____________________*(be asleep 睡着)


5.wave his hands_______________* (wave one’s hands挥手)

6.变得兴奋_______________7.get bored_______________

8.respect him a lot___________________*(repect sb.尊敬某人)

9.讲笑话________________ 10.talk loudly________________ Step 5.练习(完成下面的句子)

1.Evryone should ___________their ___________(尊敬父母)。

2.Please don’t______________(厌烦)when you meet with new words.

3.When our eachers ________________(讲故事) we


4.The man looks young,____________(事实上)he is sixty.

5.The little girl is really_________________(好看)。

6 I ofen go to bed at ten but can __________ (入睡)in half an hour.

7.He has much____________(精力).He is __________ (精力充沛的)

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