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《 Lesson21 Jenny's Family 》课件

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Listen and match the people with the job descriptions.

Mr. Smith Mrs. Smith Lynn Bob

He is a policeman. She is a student. He is a worker. She is a bus driver.

1.史密斯一家 the Smith family 2.住在加拿大 live in Canada 3. 公交司机 a bus driver 4.他很高。 He is tall. 5.她的名字 her name

史密斯一家:The Smith family the Smiths 即“the+姓氏+family” 等于“the+姓氏-s” 表示“……一家/夫妇” eg:the Green family=the Greens 注意: “the+姓氏-s”指的是全家人,作主语时, 谓语动词用复数形式。 eg:The Blacks are friendly.

2.My mother is a bus driver.本句意为“我妈妈 是一名公共汽车司机”
①表示某人的职业是常用“主语 + be +a/an + 职业” ②对职业进行提问常用:

What do/does sb. do? What + be + 主语? What + be + one’s job?
eg: -What does she do ?
-She is a bus driver.

Have,live in ,Jim ,drive ,I

1.His brother lives in the USA now. 2.Jim’s mother is a worker. 3.I like my family very much. 4.He has a very nice sisiter. 5.His father is a bus driver .

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