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Unit 1


1. I am writing to enquire _____________the possibility of a placement on the Sports Desk of your newspaper during the summer period.

A. into B. about C. over D. after

2. I hear from my colleagues that you sometimes take ________ students for work experience during the summer vacation.

A. on B. over C. after D. out

3. ___________ sports, I particularly enjoy film and photography.

A. In addition B. As well C. except D. Apart from

4. I am working _______ an article about Bill Shankley’s influence on Liverpool football.

A. over B. out C. on D. into

5. I ____________ a good film on TV at the moment.

A. am watching B. watch C. watched D. have watched

6. He’s not German. He __________________ from Switzerland.

A. comes B. is coming C. came D. has come

7. Pat _______________when I came in.

A. drank B. drink C. are drinking D. was drinking

8. When we ____________ lunch, my mother told us an interesting story.

A. had B. are having C. were having D. have

9. He ___________ to the cinema once a week when he was a child.

A. went B. is going to go C. had gone D. used to go

10. ---That restaurant is very dirty.

---Really? It _______ very clean.

A. is B. was C. used to be D. has been

11. He didn’t see me, _________ I saw him.

A. and B. but C. because D. so

12. _________she wasn’t watching the match, she was listening to it on the radio.

A. Although B. In spite of C. While D. When

13. Mary is a shop assistant ________ a job in a top London shop.

A. have B. has C. with D. who have

14. Mrs Green is going to see a friend _______ was at school with her.

A. which B. who C. whom D. X


15. We met at the place ____________I saw him last.

A. which B. when C. where D. who

16. I still remember the beautiful place _________ I visited last year.

A. which B. when C. where D. who


1-5 B A D C A

6-10 A D C D C

11-15 B A C B C

16 A

Unit 2


1. We loved _______ and we still love it today.

A. to walk B. walking C. walk D. to take a walk

2. She _________ her mother: she is artistic and musical.

A. looks after B. looks like C. takes after D. was like

3. It’s a pity that my brother _______ come to the fair (游乐场)with us.

A. used not to B. used to C. would D. has

4. We _________ enjoy playing cricket in a field when I was young.

A. used to B. would C. would not D. X

5. I ________ be in love with Mary, ---then I met Suzie.

A. would B. would not C. used to D. didn’t use to

6. She ____________ me off. So I feel frightened every time I see her.

A. is always telling B. was always telling C. tells D. told

7. He _________ at himself in the mirror.

A. keep on looking B. keeps looking C. always looks D. always looked

8. I can’t put up _____ him because he is always complaining about everything.

A. of B. on C. over D. with

9. --- Who do you admire most in your family?

--- I _________ my grandmother.

A. take care of B. look after C. take after D. look up to

10. --- Why are you giving that wallet to the police?

--- My parents ____________to be honest.

A. were B. brought me up C. taught D. were said


11. Max is very aggressive. He _________ fights.

A. always starts B. keep on starting C. has always started D. keeps starting

12. He never ________ come to see me.

A. used to B. would C. has D. had

13. She gets ________ her classmates very well.

A. on B. on with C. over D. up with

14. Who _______ your baby when you are out?

A. takes care B. looks care C. takes care of D. takes after

答案:1-5 B C A A C 6-10 A B D D B 11-14 D A B C

Unit 3


1. Inflation fell _____ 8% in 1992 ____ 6% in 1995.

A. to, from B. by, from C. from, to D. from, by

2. Inflation fell _____2% between 1992 and 1995.

A. from B. by C. --- D. to

3. Unemployment ________ in the past five years.

A. has gone up rapidly B. went up rapidly

C. has risen steady D. has risen rapid

4. ______the minimum wage has increased, _____ it is not enough to stop poverty.

A. Although, but B. —, and C. Although, — D. While, —

5. The divorce rate has gone up, _____ the marriage rate has not gone down.

A. so B. and C. although D. but

6. He ______ back before 6 o’clock.

A. usually has gone B. has usually gone

C. usually was D. had gone usually

答案:1-5 C B A C D 6. B

Unit 4


1. Morgan Rees __________ a good businessman.

A. has always been B. has been always


C. always has been D. had always been

2. Then one day he saw an advertisement in the newspaper and he _______ a little crockery factory.

A. has bought B. bought C. had bought D. buys

3. Next month I ______discussions with an agent in Brazil.

A. would have B. am having C. was having D. am about to have

4. I’m writing to you from Tianjin. I’ve been ________ since 1999.

A. there B. here C. in it D. in Tianjin

5. The hotel _______ we stayed was very dirty.

A. that B. which C. where D. —

6. The restaurant in ______ we ate is very good.

A. where B. which C. — D. that

7. I still remember those days _______ we spent together

A. when B. that C. on which D. whom

8. The family ____ couldn’t pay the bills was sued by the man ____ owned the company.

A. —, who B. who, which C. that, who D. who, —

9. It doesn’t matter _____we hardly ever leave the village now.

A. that B. what C. which D. ---

10. ______I hated most was the long hours of work.

A. That B. What C. — D. Which

答案:1-5 A B B B C 6-10 B B C A B

Unit 5


1. One of the men couldn’t move because he ________ his leg.

A. breaks B. broke C. had broken D. has broken

2. Before she left on the trip, she __________ hard.

A. has trained B. trained C. has been training D. had trained

3. After she had trained hard, she ________ on the trip.

A. had left B. left C. has left D. leaves

4. Why __________ a lot of training before she sailed?

A. had she done B. she had done C. has she done D. did she do

5. _________ by train is slow and difficult in some countries.

A. Travel B. Journey C. Trip D. Voyage


6. Do you _____ by train?

A. journey B. travel C. voyage D. trip

7. How long is your _________ to work?

A. travel B. voyage C. journey D. trip

8. The Titanic sank on its first __________.

A. travel B. journey C. trip D. voyage

9. She _________ in teams to working on her own.

A. prefers working B. prefers to work C. prefers to working D. prefers not working

10. You are more interested in caring for people than __________ decisions.

A. to make B. make C. taking D. making

11. He ______ buy a new car, but it’s too expensive.

A. is going to B. might C. would like to D. looks forward to

12. He’s got a job in Paris, so he _________ work abroad.

A. is going to B. wants C. would like to D. might

13. I am putting money in a special account (账户) at the bank because _________ pay my fees (学费) at university myself.

A. I’d like to B. I’m planning to C. I might D. I hope to

14. I ________ apply for the job; I don’t know yet.

A. am going to B. might C. hope to D. plan to

答案: 1-5 C D B A A 6-10 B C D A D 11-14 C A B B

Unit 7


1. The roof ________________.

A. needs repair B. needs repairing

C. needs to repair D. need to be repaired

2. We ________ English.

A. need to study B. need studying

C. need study D. need to be studying

3. He __________ English.

A. needn’t to study B. doesn’t need studying

C. needn’t study D. needn’t studying

4. He __________ the roof last week.


A. needs fix B. need fix C. need to fix D. needed to fix

5. We haven’t had the broken windowpanes _________yet.

A. to replace B. replace C. replaced D. replacing

6. His mother had him _______ for her at the gate of the park.

A. be waiting B. waited C. to wait D. wait

7. The vicar has been asked to have the tree__________, but so far he has refused

A. cut down B. to cut down C. to be cut down D. cutting down

8. Have you _____ the gate ________ yet?

A. had, mend B. had, mending C. got, mended D. got, to mend

9. It wasn’t very easy _______ the tube.

A. get B. getting C. gets D. we get

10. It’s not safe _________ in the streets.

A. play B. for children play C. playing D. gets

11. The area looks dirty and a bit _________.

A. dangerously B. dangerous C. danger D. in danger

12. We like our street. It looks _______, but actually it’s fun.

A. boring B. bored C. interesting D. lovely

13. _________ he was wealthy, ________he was very mean.

A. Although, --- B. Although, but

C. Because, --- D. ---, therefore

14. He was wealthy. _________, he was very mean.

A. But B. However C. Therefore D. Although

15. He is dissatisfied ______ his living condition.

A. with B. to C. at D. about

16. Mr Wang is responsible _______ this project.

A. to B. at C. with D. for

答案: 1-5 B A C D C 6-10 D A C B C 11-15 B A A B A 16. D

Unit 8


1._________ households have a personal computer.

A. The third of B. A third of C. Under a third D. Over the third of


2. ________ households have a microwave oven.

A. Majority B. The majority C. The majority of D. A majority of

3. _________ managers have a dishwasher.

A. A third B. More than half of C. The minority of D. A large proportion

4. _______ the dogs in the UK are pedigree.

A. Over half B. Less than a third C. More than fourth-fifths D. Most

5. She _______ out all the books and pictures, so the desk looks very neat now.

A. has sorted B. has been sorting C. sorted D. was sorting

6. I _________ English for five years and I will go on doing this until I am tired of it.

A. teach B. taught C. have taught D. have been teaching

7. He ______ a successful businessman.

A. always is B. has always been C. always has been D. has been always

8. I _________ animals.

A. have always liked B. have always been liking

C. am always liking D. like always

9. People ________ are in hospital can be helped by animals.

A. --- B. which C. who D. whom

10. Is this the factory ______ we visited last week?

A. that B. who C. where D. the one

11. Is this factory _______ we visited last week?

A. that B. --- C. where D. the one

12. Is this the factory ______ his father works?

A. which B. --- C. where D. the one

13. He’s been using a wheelchair _________.

A. for two years ago B. for two years

C. since two years D. two years

14. He’s been working in the police force ________.

A. since 1994 B. after 1994 C. for 1994 D. at 1994

15. The garage ______ my car for a long time.

A. have been repairing B. is being repaired

C. have repaired D. was repaired

16. They _________ my car twice before.

A. have been repairing B. is being repaired

C. have repaired D. was repaired


答案: 1-5 B C B A A 6-10 D B A C A 11-15 D C B A A 16. C

Unit 9


1. The festival and games ________ in Olympia.

A. hold B. were held C. held D. are holding

2. The ceremony was opened ____ the baron (男爵)_______ a speech.

A. by, with B. with, by C. for, by D. by, under

3. When _______ the Olympic Games ______?

A. did, found B. were, founded C. were, found D. did, find

4. Where _____the battle between the Greeks and the Persians ______?

A. did, fight B. was, fighted C. was, fought D. did, fought

5. He’s interested in _________.

A. politics B. political C. politically D. politician

6. Do you mean there is a lot of _________ in the company.

A. corrupt B. corrupted C. corruptible D. corruption

7. ______ is important in all sports.

A. Fair B. Unfairness C. Fairness D. Fairly

8. He helped you ________ out of friendship.

A. pure B. purity C. purely D. pureness

9. _______ for the Olympic Games is a huge undertaking.

A. Prepare B. Prepared C. Preparing D. Preparations

10. Before _____ to college, he hadn’t acted or sung.

A. go B. goes C. to go D. going

11. She likes to spend time ________ with her grandchildren.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. on playing

12. It’s very convenient _________ here.

A. live B. living C. lived D. for living

13. If we _____ for the Olympic Games, we _______ promote the country.

A. bid, would B. bid, will C. will bid, will D. bid, ---

14. It _____ encourage huge economic growth _____ we ____ win the bid.

A. will, if, --- B. will, whether, --- C. ---, if, will D. will, if, will


15. If she _______ hard, she ______ the competition.

A. train, would win B. trains, would win

C. trains, would have won D. trains, will win

16. Where _____ she go if she _____ for the national event?

A. would, is selected B. will, selects C. will, selected D. will, is selected

答案: 1-5 B A B C A 6-10 A D C C D 11-15 C B B A D 16. D

Unit 10


1. Never _____ by car when you could walk.

A. goes B. go C. went D. going

2. The patient _________ because he has been badly wounded in the arm.

A. should not be moved B. should not move

C. could be moved D. could move

3. ________open the door, please?

A. --- B. May you C. Could you D. Can you

4. I think you ________ look for exercise opportunities all the time.

A. must B. are able to C. should D. shouldn’t

5. I want to ______ before my wedding, so that I look slim and good in the photos.

A. be on a diet B. put on weight C. weight goes up D. lose weight

6. If I _______ a man, I ______ have to do military service.

A. were, would B. was, would C. am, will D. am, would

7. ---I’ve got sore muscles.

---That’s because you don’t stretch before starting. If you ______ before you start, you ______ get sore


A. stretch, will B. stretch, will not C. stretched, wouldn’t D. stretched, would

8. If they had given up searching, I _________.

A. have died B. would have died C. would die D. had died

9. ---He can’t get up in the morning.

---If he ________ to bed so late, he _______ be able to get up in the morning.

A. went, wouldn’t B. didn’t, will C. went, will D. didn’t go, would


10. ---Paul keeps losing things.

---If he ______ careful, he ______ keep losing things.

A. is, will not B. were, wouldn’t C. were not, would D. was, would

11. What _____ you like to be, if you _________ born again?

A. would, are B. would, were to be C. will, were to be D. will, are

12. How _____ we live if there _____ any water?

A. can, isn’t B. would, aren’t C. could, weren’t D. should, isn’t

13. What would you do if the war _______.

A. is broken out B. will break out C. were to break out D. would break out

14. If the train leaves at half past ten, there _______ no time to lose.

A. would be B. is C. will be D. has

15. What _________happen if you didn’t wear long trousers after you finish exercising?

A. would B. will C. may D. maybe

16. _____ every day for 20 minutes.

A. To exercise B. Should exercise C. Exercising D. Exercise

答案: 1-5 B A C C D 6-10 A C B D B 11-15 B C C B A 16. D

Unit 11


1. The investigation ________ by the Commission for Health Improvement at the moment.

A. conducted B. is being conducted C. is conducted D. is conducting

2. Where ______ 200 people ________?

A. were, being treated B. did, treat C. was, being treated D. were, treat

3. The young girl__________ by the doctors now.

A. is examining B. is examined C. is being examined D. examines

4. The wards ___________ by the new staff all day yesterday.

A. were cleaned B. cleaned C. are being cleaned D. were being cleaned

5. He said that ____ head ______.

A. my, ached B. his, aches C. his, is aching D. his, ached

6. She told me that she ________ a pen and she _______ one to fill in a form.

A. hadn’t got, needed B. hasn’t got, needed

C. hadn’t got, need D. hadn’t, need


7. His mother told him ________ his clothes so dirty.

A. that made B. make C. not to make D. making

8. The teacher asked him why _______ late for the class.

A. are you B. was he C. he was D. he has been

9. He told me he ________ the US but he _______ find his passport.

A. is going to, couldn’t B. was going to, couldn’t

C. was going to, can’t D. is going to, can’t

10. He said he _________ ill on the flight the day before.

A. was B. is C. has been D. had been

11. Janet said that she_________ home ________.

A. is coming, tomorrow B. was coming, the next day

C. is coming, the next day D. was coming, next day

12. The librarian said that I _______ have _____ book for one week.

A. could, that B. can, this C. could, those D. can, that

13. He replied that he hadn’t gone ___ by himself and he had gone with a friend ___ morning.

A. here, that B. there, that C. there, this D. here, in the morning

14. He’s __________ the horses since 10.00 am.

A. been fed B. feeding C. being fed D. been feeding

15. Have the horses _________ yet?

A. being fed B. been feeding C. been fed D. were fed

16. The horses _______ at the moment.

A. are being fed B. have been feeding C. have been fed D. have being fed

答案:1-5 B A C D D 6-10 A C C B D 11-15 B A B D C 16. A

Unit 13


1. You ______ arrive late or you’ll get into trouble.

A. don’t have to B. mustn’t C. didn’t have to D. must

2. He _______ leave tomorrow.

A. will have to B. will must C. don’t have to D. has to

3. Did you _______ wear uniform when you were a child?

A. must B. had to C. have to D. has to


4. _______ it rains this evening, we won’t play tennis.

A. When B. While C. The moment D. If

5. I’m going to the supermarket. _______ I’m there, I’ll get some tea.

A. If B. When C. --- D. As soon

6. Jim might ring later. ______ he phones, can you tell him about it?

A. When B. While C. In case D. If

7. I remember ______ her about the meeting, but she seems not to know about it.

A. telling B. to tell C. --- D. not telling

8. Please remember ________ the letter.

A. post B. posting C. to post D. ---

9. I regret ______ that I’m unable to help you.

A. say B. to say C. saying D. not to say

10. He stopped ______ because he had realized its harm.

A. smoking B. to smoke C. smoke D. to not smoke

11. He admitted ________ the money.

A. to take B. take C. taking D. not taking

12. She finished ______ a letter.

A. writing B. to write C. not to write D. not writing

答案:1-5 B A C D B 6-10 D A C B A 11-12C A

Unit 14


1. The coursebooks, _________,were useless for me.

A. he found very interesting B. which he found very interesting

C. finding very interesting by im D. he finding very interesting

2. I began to ________ a sandwich course (工读交替制课程) last year.

A. take B. use C. find D. enter

3. By the end of the course you _________ three credits.

A. will have gained B. will gain C. have gained D. gain

4. Will you _______ him before you see me on Friday?

A. meet B. to meet C. have met D. be meeting

5. Mr Brown, __________ all his life, is retiring next week.

A. worked here B. who has worked here


C. have worked D. had worked

6. They often prefer sports _____ cinemas.

A. than B. not C. rather than D. to

答案:1-5 B A A C B 6 D

Unit 15


1. Sports and leisure centres ___________.

A. built B. build C. are being built D. have been building

2. Look over there! What ___________ in the square?

A. is set up B. is being set up C. set up D. was set up

3. The young couple __________. They are taking a holiday outside the city.

A. are not being interviewed B. are not interview

C. did not interview D. have not interviewed

4. About twice that many used cars _________.

A. traded B. have traded

C. have been traded D. have been trading

5. 700,000 new cars ___________ in India in the last twelve months.

A. sold B. sell C. have been sold D. were sold

6. My car _________ yet.

A. has not repaired B. has not being repaired

C. has not been repairing D. has not been repaired

7. They _________ cars for hours.

A. have been driving B. have been driven

C. are being driven D. have being driven

8. What ___________ all this morning?

A. have you done B. have you been doing

C. have you been done D. are you being done

9. My neighbour hit my car last week and he ______ hasn’t apologized.

A. yet B. still C. already D. however

10. John, have you finished that report ________?

A. yet B. still C. already D. however

11. John hasn’t finished that report ______ and I asked him for it three days ago.


A. however B. still C. already D. yet

12. It’s only 11 o’clock and they have __________ had lunch.

A. however B. still C. already D. yet

答案:1-5 C B A C C 6-10 D A B B A 11-12 D C

Unit 17


1. ________ them were born in Britain.

A. Some B. Some of C. A few D. Most

2. ___________ children know the answer.

A. Most of B. Most of the C. None D. None of

3. He replied that the children _______ problems at first.

A. might have B. may have C. will have D. can had

4. He asked me where ___________ from.

A. do you come B. you come C. I came D. did you come

5. The interviewer asked what _________ then.

A. he doing B. he has done C. had you done D. he had done

6. She asked me _______ from Britain?

A. if I came B. do you come C. if you come D. if I have come

7. I asked him _________ wait for me.

A. please B. he should C. to D. ---

8. There’s someone waiting, __________?

A. isn’t here B. isn’t he C. isn’t someone D. isn’t there

9. Something’s gone wrong, ________?

A. hasn’t anything B. hasn’t it C. isn’t anything D. isn’t it

10. Nobody liked her, did ________?

A. he B. them C. anybody D. they

11. I’m the next, _________ ?

A . amn’t I B. aren’t you C. aren’t I D. are you

12. Let’s go to the cinema, ________?

A. shall we B. will you C. do you D. don’t we

13. Please open the door, _________?

A. shall we B. will you C. do you D. don’t we


答案:1-5 B B A C D 6-10 A C D B D 11-13 C A B


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