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2012——2013学年度第一学期 四年级英语第三次月考测试试题

A.我的校友。 B.我的新同学。 C.我们的新同学。

( )3.

A.her uncle B.my uncle C.his uncle ( )一、 选择正确答案,使单词完整。(20分)

( )1. welc__me A. a B. i C. o ( )2. da__ghter A. u B. e C. o ( )3. s__n A. o B. u C. n ( )4. b__y A. a B.o C. e ( )5. l__ ft A. a B. e C. t ( )6. m__ ddle A. i B. r C. a ( )7. beaut__ ful A. o B. a C. i ( )8. fr__its A. u B. a C. e ( )9. enginee__ A. r B. h C. e ( )10. S__nday A. u B. a C. e 二、 选出划线部分的正确译文。(10分) ( )1. Come in ,please.

A.请进。 B. 请站起来。 C. 再见。

( )2.This is our new classmate. \

( 三、选择最佳答案。( ( ( ( ( A.在右边。 B.在左边。 C.在中间。 )5.他们正在吃晚饭。

A.She’s having dinner. B.They are having dinner. C.They are have dinner.


)1. I am a pupil ________Grade Four.

A. on B. in C. is

)2.Is this your son? Yes, ______name is Tom.

A.his B. her C.His

)3.This is my _____. Her name is Nancy.

A.uncle B.aunt C.name

)4.Who is the girl _____the middle?

A.is B.on C.in

)5. ____ a beautiful photo!

A .What B.How C. what


( )6.Grandpa is ____ the right.

A.is B. on C. in ( )7. They are ___a big dinner.

A. haveing B.have C. having

( )8. My mum, dad_____I.

A. at B. and C.of

( )9. ___the people are very happy.

A. all B. All C.Are

( )10. My mother,father and I ___in Xi’an.

A. are B. is C.on


( )1.Look at the picture of my family. A.你是一名小学生吗? ( )2.I love them. B.我的妈妈很和蔼。 ( )3.What is he? C.他是干什么的? ( )4.Are you a pupil? D.看我家的相片。 ( )5.My mother is kind. E.我爱他们。 五、连词成句,注意大小写。(20分)

1. do live where you 2.picture is what it

3.live in lovely they a house

_____________________________________________. 4.cakes are having they

_____________________________________________. 5.getting together family are the

_____________________________________________. 六.英汉互译。(20分) 1.It is a big plate.

_________________________________ 2.欢迎来我们学校。

______________________________________ 3.Who is the young woman on the right? ______________________________________ 4.我住在一个农场上。

______________________________________ 5. He is having banana.



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