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( )1. He often helps his mother _______the housework.

A to do B. do

C. with D. A, B and C

( )2. Jack _______ from the USA, but he _______ in Shanghai now.

A is; lives B. are; live C. are; lives D. is; living

( )3. Tom wants to _______football, and he likes _______ football very much.

A play; play B. plays; playing

C. playing; plays D. play; playing

( )4. You look ________ today.

A. a happy B. happy C. happiness D. happily

( )5. Jane goes to the Music Club ________ every Monday afternoon

A at B. / C. on D. in

( )6. This book is very _______We all like it.

A interest B. interested C. interesting D. interests

( )7. - Is it time _______have lunch? - Yes, it is.

A to B. in C. for D. at

( )8. Millie and Simon are talking ________ the news.

A. with B. to C. at D. about

( )9. Andy is my brother. _______often takes _______ dog for a walk.

A. He; his B. She; her C. He; her D. She; his

( )10. Do you often watch football matches _______ TV?

A. in B. to C. at D. on

( )11. _______Simon and Daniel play computer games together?

A. Does B. Do C. Is D. Are

( )12.—Who is _______ man in a black hat?

—It's Jim Brown We often play _______basketball together in our free time.

A. an; a B. a; / C. the; a D. the; /

( )13. Lily _______ like playing badminton because she is not good at it.

A. does B. /. C. doesn't D. don't

( )14. Andy _______ with his family in Beijing now.

A. live B. living C. is live D. lives

( )15. Mike enjoys _______.

A. to play the football B. playing the football



C. to play football D. playing football


Hello, I'm David. I'm a middle school student. It's nice to meet you here. First, let me tell you sister, my brother and me.

My father is a worker. My mother is an English teacher. My sister is eighteen and my brother is sixteen I'm fourteen games.

is on West Street. There is a big tree and some small trees around my house. , there any pears or apples on them photo of my house. In the photo, you can see three cats in my house. They are all black and white. We ( )1. A anything B. something C. thing D. anyone

( )2. A. school B. house C. room D. family

( )3. A off B. to . C. at . D. on

( )4. A seeing B looking at C. watching D. looking

( )5. A. store B school C. room D. home

( )6. A trees B. rivers C. houses D. schools

( )7. A but B. and C. so D. or

( )8. A isn't B. is C. are D. aren't

( )9. A He's B. Here's C. Its D. Here are

( )10. A are liking B. likes C. like D. is liking

三、阅读理解(每小题2分,共 30分)


It is 1 October. It is Tom's birthday, He sees a card on the table when he comes back home. It says, "There's a present for you, Tom Look for it in your room." His parents are watching him and smiling(微笑). On his bed he sees a new red box He thinks, "My present must be in it. " He opens it. There is nothing(没什么) but a card in it. He takes it out and reads, "Dear Tom, I'm your present. My first letter is in the word 'pear', but not in 'bear'. My second letter is in 'tell', but not in 'tall', and you can find my last letter in both 'ban' and 'ink'. What am I?" Tom thinks it over. P-E-N! He smiles and says, "Aha, I know, Mum. But where is it?" His mother tells him it is in his bag. He finds his present-a nice new pen!

"Happy birthday, Tom! " his parents say.

"Thank you, Mum and Dad!"

( )1. Tom's birthday is _______.



A. in October B. on October

C. at October D. of October

( )2. Tom sees a card_______.

A. on the table B. in his bed

C. in his bedroom D. in his bag

( )3. The card in the red box tells him _______.

A. what his present is B. where his present is

C. who gives him a present D. how his present is

( )4. Where is the birthday present?

A. On the table. B. In the bag.

C. On the card. D. On the bed.

( )5. Tom's present is _______.

A. a letter B. three letters

C. a card D. a nice new pen


How do most students spend their free time? Do they have time to do the things they like? Let's see what some students do during their free time. Ben is eleven He has a sister, Kate. Both of them like going to the cinema. Every Sunday morning, they go to the town by train and then they go to the cinema because they live in the country(农村) and there is no cinema there. They arrive in the town at noon. They usually have a big lunch in their favourite restaurant first, and then they buy some food in the supermarket before they go to their favourite cinema called Star Cinema. They like it because the seats there are comfortable and the films shown(上映) in the cinema are always the newest(最新的). They always have a good time on Sundays but when the weather is bad or they are busy with their homework, they can't go.

( )6. Ben and Kate always spend their Sundays _______.

A. watching TV B. going shopping

C. doing homework D. seeing films

( )7. They go to see a film _______.

A at home B. by bus C. on foot D. by train

( )8. They go to the town to see a film because_______.

A. they like the cinema there

B. there is no cinema in the country

C. they don't know other cinemas

D. they want to go shopping in the town

( )9. When they are in the town, they _______first.



A. go to the cinema B. buy food

C. have lunch D. play in the street

( )10. They can't go to the cinema when_______.

A. it is fine

B. they want to watch TV

C. they have little homework

D. the weather is bad or they get too much homework


My favourite sport is basketball because it is very exciting. I like basketball because the NBA stars play very well. Basketball is very cheap and it is a good sport for our health. We can grow taller if we play basketball often. Also it keeps me fit. I play basketball three times a week. Most often I play it in my school. I often play it with my friends or I may play it myself. I feel very happy when I play basketball at school with my classmates. Sometimes I play basketball in the playground near my home. Basketball is very easy to play. If you play basketball very well, you can form a basketball team to take part in the competition. If you win the basketball competition, you will have the prize. You may become a famous basketball star.

( )11. I like basketball best because it's_______.

A.cheap B.exciting C.good D.famous

( )12. How many times do I play basketball every week?

A. Five. B. Three. C.Four. D.Six

( )13. I often play basketball_______.

A. myself B. with my friends

C. with my cousins D. with my parents

( )14. Why do I like basketball?

A.Because it's cheap.

B. Because it's good for health

C. Because the NBA stars play very well.

D. A,B and C.

( )15. The best title for the passage is“_______

A. Basketball player B. My favourite sport

C. Basketball star D. My favourite basketball star


1.Everyone has his own_______(梦想).

2.Messi is my favourite football player. He's my_______(英雄).

3.There is a_______ (碗)of rice on the table.



4.Do you like watching football_______ (比赛)on TV?

5.My mother loves_______ (购物)every Saturday.

6.The little boy_______ (享受……的乐趣)swimming in summer.

7.It’s_______ (真的)that,we are going to have a school trip next week.

8.We have two_______ (排球)lessons every week.

9.There are many different _______ (俱乐部)in our school

10.There are six _______ (组)In our class。


1.Daniel knows a lot about computers.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答)

-_______ Daniel _______ a lot about computers?

- No, he _______.

2.My cousin wears a red hat today.(改为一般疑问句,并作肯定回答)

-_______ _______ cousin_______ a red hat today?

- Yes, he_______.

3.I like my school very much.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ _______ like _______ school very much?

4.They do morning exercises every day.(改为否定句)

They _______ _______ morning exercises every day.


_______ _______ Amy like?













假设你名叫汤姆(Tom),请根据提示写一篇60词左右的短文,介绍一下你最喜欢的运动。 提示:最爱乒乓球,是校乒乓球队队员,常在放学后和朋友们打球、谈球,还看电视上的球赛。偶像是王皓。希望长大(grow up)后能成为像他那样的运动员。












一、1.D 2.A 3.D 4.B 5.B 6.C 7.A 8.D 9.A 10.D

11.B 12.D 13.C 14.D 15.D

二、1~5. BDCCD 6~10. AADBC

三、1~5. AAABD 6~10. DDBCD 11~15. BBBDB

四、1.dream 2.hero 3. bowl 4. match 5.shopping 6.enjoys 7.really 8.volleyball

9.clubs 10.teams

五、1. Does; know; doesn't 2.Does'your; wear; does 3.Do you; your 4.don't do

5.What does


1.I often play football with my friends at weekends.

2.Li Hua often reads English in his free time.

3.Amy comes from the USA, but now she lives in Beijing.

4.What's your favourite sport , Tom?

5.Sandy looks tall and she can dance very well.

七、One possible version:

My name is Tom. I love sports very much and my favourite sport is table tennis. I am a 6


member of our school table tennis team I often play table tennis with my friends after school. We also talk about table tennis and watch table tennis matches on TV.

Wang Hao is my favourite table tennis player. He is my hero. I hope I can be a table tennis player like him when I grow up.


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