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小学五年级对话 阅读

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一 阅读理解,并将下列问题和回答补充完整(每空一词)

My name is Li Xiang. I live in Nanjing. I have a sister. Her name is Li Fang. We are in the same school. Look at this picture of our school. There’s a new music room on the second floor. It’s big. I like music very much. On the first floor, there are two computer rooms. There are eighty computers in them. My sister likes playing computer games.

1. A: Li Xiang have a sister? B: Yes, he a sister.

2. A: What’s the ? B: There two computer rooms.

3. A: does Li Fang like? B: She computer games

4. A: Is there a big new music room in the school? B: .

二、 完形填空

Jim _1_ in _2_ class. There are twenty boys _3_ thirty girls. One of the girls _4_ an American. _5_ name is Nancy. And two of the boys are _6_ . Their _7_ are Da Mao and Xiao Mao. All the students are _8_.

( ) 1、A. am B. is C. are

( ) 2、A. Miss Gao B. / C. Miss Gao’s

( ) 3、A. and B. or C. but

( ) 4、A. are B. is C. am

( ) 5、A. She B. Her C. Hers

( ) 6、A. twins B. twin C. twins’

( ) 7、A. name B. names C. brothers

( ) 8、A. girls B. boys C. friends


Tom’s father is i_1_ at home. It’s Saturday. Tom is on the way to the hospital to s_2_ his father. The hospital is very far

(远), so he w_3_ to take a bus. Now he is a_4_ the bus stop, there are m_5_ people there. The bus is l_6_, so he wants to go there on f_7_ . When he gets to the hospital, his father is very h_8_. 1 ________ 2 _________ 3 _________ 4 _________

5 ________ 6 _________ 7 _________ 8 _________


There are three trees near the twins’ house. There is one big tree, and two small trees. In the big tree there is a bird. Can the bird sing? Yes, it can. What’s that near the big tree? It’s a cat.

“I want some food,” thinks the cat. “Bird, come here, it’s time for tea.” Says the cat. “Not today, thank you.” Says the bird, “You can’t catch(捉住) me today. Goodbye!”

( ) 1、There are ____ small trees near the house.

A. two B. three C. no D. many

( ) 2、There is a bird ____.

A. in a small tree B. on the small tree

C. in the big tree D. on the big tree

( ) 3、The cat wants to eat ____.

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A. some tea B. the bird C. a cake D. some trees

( ) 4、At last(最后)____.

A. the bird goes away B. the cat goes away

C. the cat catches the bird D. the bird gets down from the tree.

五、 读短文回答下列问题

My name is Wang Ping. I’m ten. I’m student in No. 3 Primary School. I’m in Class 2, Grade 5. At school I have a good friend. Her name is Ann. She’s in a green coat. She’s an American girl. She and I are in the same class. We often play games together. I go to school at 7 o’clock and go home at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Oh, it’s 7 o’clock now. It’s time to go to school. I must go to school now.

1. Is Wang Ping eleven?

2. Who is her good friend at school?

3. What colour is Ann’s coat?

4. What time is it now?

5. Is it time to go to bed?


Hello, I’m Su Yang. Look, this is my house. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a study, a kitchen and a large sitting-room. Beside the house, there’s a garden. In the garden, there are a lot of red flowers. My parents like red flowers. You can see four big trees beside the house. A swing is between the two apple trees. My sister, Su Hai, and I like playing on the swing.

1. There is a large chicken in Su Yang’s house. ( )

2. Su Yang’s parents like yellow flowers. ( )

3. There’s a swing between the two apple trees. ( )

4. Su Yang likes playing on the swing. But Su Hai doesn’t. ( )

5. There aren’t any trees beside the house. ( )


Model 项目 结果 项目 结果

They like grapes and pears. grape √ banana ×

But they don’t like bananas and apples. pear √ apple ×

1. They like ______ and ______. pig × duck √

But they don’t like ______ and ______. bear × panda √

2. They like __ __ .But I don’t like __ __. flower √ tree ×

Model 项目 结果

They can play the guitar. play the guitar √

But they can’t play the violin. play the violin ×

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1. They can ______ a model ______. make a puppet ×

But they can’t ______ a puppet. make a model plane √

2. They can ___ _, but they can’t _ ___. dance √

swim ×


Hello, I am Ben Green. I have a sister, Jane. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. They don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays. They like cooking and watching TV, but Jane and I don’t. We like reading and playing table tennis.

1. -What’s your name? -My name is .

2. -What’s your sister’s name? -Her name is .

3. -What’s your father’s job? -He is a .

4. -What’s your mother’s job? -She is a .

5. My father and mother like and .

6. My sister and I like and .


( 有/存在,大的, 干净的,一些/任何, 地图,在…下面, 在…上面, 书)

Look at Li Lei’s room. It’s not b , but it is very c . T a desk and a chair in the study. O the desk, t some b , a glass and a clock. What’s u the chair? Oh, there’s a f . Are there a m on the wall? Yes, there are. One is a map of China and the other is a map of the world.


1. No, I don’t.

2. Look, it’s near(在……的旁边) the desk.

3. Great, let’s start.

4. Hi, Mike. Do you like playing football?

5. All right. But where’s the basketball?

6. Is it in the teachers’ desk?

7. What do you like playing?

8. Good, I like it too. Let’s play basketball together.

9. Let me see. No, it isn’t.

10. Let’s go and find it.

11. I like playing basketball.



十一、阅读短文判断下列句子与短文内容是否相符,相符的用“√” 表示,不符的用“×”表示

Hi, my name is Anny. I live in a big house with my parents and my brother. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. They don’t work on Saturdays and Sundays. They like watching TV on Saturdays. And they like cooking, too. They cook nice food(食物)for my brother and me on Sundays. My brother likes playing the guitar, but I don’t. I like playing the piano. In the evening, I often(经常)play the piano for my father and mother. I love my family and they love me, too.

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3eud教育网 http://www.3edu.net 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新!

( ) 1. There are four people(人)in this family.

( ) 2. Anny’s parents don’t work on Saturdays but they work on Sundays.

( ) 3. Anny’s parents often cook nice food on Saturdays.

( ) 4.Anny’s brother likes playing the guitar and he often plays it for his parents in the evening.

( ) 5. This is a happy family and they love each other.

3eud教育网 http://www.3edu.net 教学资源集散地。可能是最大的免费教育资源网!

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