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Let's go 3 Unit 3 Test

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Let’s go 3 Unit 3 单元测试

I Spelling.(根据图片写出相应的英文单词)


周日 周一 周二 周三 周四 周五 周六

III Sounds and Sentences. (写出具有下列字母组合的单词) pr--


V.Favorite Day.(根据所给短文回答问题)

This is Tom.His favorite day is Sunday.He plays soccer with his brother. This is Mary.Her favorite day is Monday.She goes to karate class with her mother. This is Caroline(卡洛琳).Her favorite day is Wednesday.She plays tennis with her cat.

1.What is Tom’s favorite day?

2.What does Mary do on Monday?

3.Does Caroline stay home on Wednesday?

Let’s go 3 Unit 1-3 口语测试 Where the lunchroom?

Where is he/she?

Where are they?

What is he doing?

What are they doing?

What do you have?

Do you have any green paper? What does he have?

What do they have?

Does he have any tape?

Do they have any glue?

What is he making?

What do you do on Friday?

Do you go to school on Sunday? What does he do after school? What do they do after school?

Does he practice the piano after school? Do they go to the bookstore after school? What is your favorite day?

Do you stay home on Sunday?

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