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(1) 肯定句改否定句的方法

1、 在be动词后加not。如:is not ,are not , am not, was not, were not;

2、 在can,should,will等情态动词后加not。如:cannot=can’t, will not=won’t;

3、若句子中既无be,也无情态动词,则在动词前加don’t / doesn’t(一般现在时)、didn’t (过去时)。注意动词要变回原形。

4、 some 改成any。

Exercise 1:把下列句子改为否定句

1. These are Chinese books. These Chinese books.

2. I was a student two years ago. I a student two years ago.

3. They were at school yesterday. They at school yesterday.

4. He does some reading every day. He ______ ______ _____ reading every day.

5. I went to school yesterday. I ______ _______ to school yesterday.

6. They played basketball last Sunday. They basketball last Sunday .

7. My brother can spell his name. My brother spell his name.

8. They will go shopping tomorrow They go shopping tomorrow

9. Please read Lesson One. Lesson One,please.


口诀:有be提be,有情提情,无情无be请求借助(do 、does、did)。 但要注意:① 第一人称改为第二人称,some变any,and变or.

② 遇到does,do、did,后面的动词要还原。他们就像照妖镜一样,看到他们,动词就现原形了。

Exercise 2:把肯定句改为一般疑问句

1. There is some fruit juice in the glass. ____ _____ ____ fruit juice in the glass?

2. I was a student two years ago. a student two years ago?

3. They were at school yesterday. at school yesterday? 1

4. We do eye exercises every day. ______ you ______ eye exercises every day?

5. Jack has lunch at school . Jack lunch at school?

6.I am good at singing and dancing. ______ you good at singing ______ dancing?

7. He likes dolphins very much. ________ he________ dolphins very much?

8. They played basketball last Sunday. they basketball last Sunday

9. I went to school yesterday. you to school yesterday?

10. My mother cooked a meal this morning. mother a meal this morning?





2.特殊疑问词:7wh+h (who,what,when,where,why, which,whose,how)


(1)对划线部分提问的方法: Lily swims in the swimming pool.

第一步:确定疑问词,代替划线部分: Where

第二步: 将剩余部分变为一般疑问句的语序

有be 时,be提前; 有情态动词时,情态动词提前; 两者都没有时,找do, does , 帮忙.

分析此句得知:要用does 来帮忙

Where does Lily swim?



——Who likes to play with Bill?




he often lunch? 2. they have maths? 4.I usually get up at .

you usually get up? 5..


they when I come in ? birds are there in the tree? favourite subject ? Shrek late for school? ?

Lucy when she grows up?

________ ________ they play football?

_____ ______ your mother ______ to work?

_______ do you ______ _______ Chinese food?

_______ _______ is it today?

14. 1. they yesterday?

15. you up this morning ? Lucy's father last night?


1.There is a knife in the box. There _____ _____ ______ in the box.

2.She's a woman doctor. They're ______ ______.

3.Our teacher often tells us a story. Our ______ often ______ us _______.

4.The sheep is over there. The ______ ______ over there.

5.Please pass me a piece of bread. Please pass me some ______ of ______.


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