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五年级上册期中卷2013.10 Mary

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2013-2014学年度第一学期 希望小学五年级英语期中试卷

姓名: 班别: 成绩:


一.听音,选择所听到的内容。(10分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) 1. A. foot ) 2. A. nice

B. food B. nine

C. would C. fine C. two caps C. fridge C. Thursday C. table C. hurry C. cabbage

C. do some shopping

) 3. A. two bags ) 4. A. fish

B. two maps B. fresh

) 5. A. Monday ) 6. A. today ) 7. A. heavy ) 8. A. egg

B. Tuesday B. tasty

B. healthy B. eggplant

) 9. A. do homework B. do housework

) 10.A. I’d like some mutton.

C. I’d like some potato.

B. I’d like some pork.


(5分) 1、 2、 3、 ( ) ( ) 4、 5、 ( ) ( ) ( ) 三.听音,选出正确的答案。(5分) ( )1. A. A. Yes, he is ( )2. Mr Zhao ( ) 3. A. It’s sunny

B. No, she isn’t

C. No, he is

B. He’s tall and thin C. She’s active B. I like Wednesdays

C. It’s Wednesday

( )4. A. I often read books and watch TV. B. I have computer and science. C. We have green beans and potatoes. ( )5. A. I’d like some tomatoes and mutton. B. I like oranges and grapes. C. I have tofu and beef on Tuesdays.


My name is Jack. I'm ten years old. My favourite day . We have and for lunch. teacher is Mr Li. He is our teacher. He is tall and . He is . I don't , .

笔试部分(70 分)

I. Look and write. 根据汉字写出相应的英语单词。10分 1.My English teacher is very k ____ . (和蔼的) 2.----What do you have on Wednesdays? ----We have Chinese and m____ . (数学) 3.We have P.E and computer on T ______ . (星期二) 4.B _____ (猪肉) is my favourite food . 5.Apples are s _____ . (甜的)

二.选出下列划线部分读音不同的单词。(5分) ( ( ( ( (

三、 用括号中单词的适当形式填空。(10分) 1. I'd like some (potato) for lunch. 2. What day is it today? It's 3. We have Chinese and math on .(Thursday)

4. Mike 5. It's (salt). It's my favourite.


( ) 1. Amy is 10 old.

A. year B. years C. yuan

( ) 2. Tomatoes my favourite food.

A. is B. are C. am

( ) 3. The first day in a week is .

A. Saturday B. Sunday C. Monday

( ) 4. There are days in a week.

A. six B. eleven C. seven

( ) 5. I like ice-cream. It’s .

A. sour B. sweet C. salty

( ) 6. _______ your math teacher? Mr Zhao.

A. What's B. Who's C. Where's

( ) 7. — What's he like?

— He's _______.

A. funny B. fun C. principal

( ) 8. Is she quiet?

A. Yes, she isn't. B. No, she is. C. No, she isn't.

( ) 9. What ______is it today?

A. day B. today C. date

( ) 10. What do we have on Mondays? We have _______.

A. Friday B. science C. fruit

( ) 11. What do you ______ on Saturdays?

A. is B. does C. do

( ) 12. What ______ you?

A. are B. about C. do

( ) 13. What would you like for lunch?

I'd like some ______.

A. green beans B. green bean C. bean

( ) 14. I don't like grapes. They are ____.

A .sweet B. sour C. healthy

( ) 15. Do you have a new teacher?

A. Yes, I am. B. No, I don't. C. No, I do.


1. do, on, what, Wednesday, do you? (连词成句) 2. We have art and music at Monday. (改错句)

3. It’ (就划线部分提问) 4. I like pork for lunch. (改为否定句) 5. I have to eat vegetables. (译成中文)


( ) 1. Who’s your English teacher? A. Yes, he is.

( ) 2. Is he strict? B. It’s Monday.

( ) 3. What day is it today? C. Mr Green.

( ) 4. What do you do on Sunday? D. Play football.

()5.Can you make the bed? E.Yes , I can


A 阅读下面对话,根据对话内容判断下列句子的对错,正确的在括号里写“T”,错误的写“F”。(5分)

Sarah: Hi, Chen Jie.

Chen Jie: Hi, Sarah. Do you have new teachers?

Satah: Yes. We have two new teachers.

Chen Jie: Who are they?

Satah: An English teacher, a music teacher and a Chinese teacher. Chen Jie: Wow, it’s so good. Who’s your English teacher?

Sarah: Miss White. She’s very active. Her class is so much fun. We all like her. Chen Jie: What’s she like?

Sarah: She’s tall and thin. She’s young. We have English class today.

Chen Jie: That’s great!

( ) 1. Sarah has three new teachers.

( ) 2. Sarah’s Chinese teacher is a new teacher.

( ) 3. Miss White is a music teacher.

( ) 4. Miss White is short and thin.

( ) 5. Sarah has English class today.


Hi! I'm Tom. I'm from Willow school. Today is Tuesday. We have math, Chinese and computer. I like computer. My computer teacher is very funny. He is very strong. I like him.

We have eggplant and fish for lunch on Wednesdays. I don't like eggplant. Potatoes are my favourite.

Saturdays are my favourite days. I often play football on Saturdays. Of course, I do my homework too on Saturdays. What about you?

( ) 1. What day is it today?

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Friday D. Saturday

( ) 2. What do they have for lunch on Wednesdays?

A. Pork and rice B. Tofu and green beans

C. Eggplant and fish D. Mutton and tomatoes

( ) 3. What is Tom’s computer teacher like?

A. He is tall and thin. B. He's very funny. He is strong.

C. He is so heavy. D. He is active.

( ) 4. Does Tom like his computer teacher?

A. Yes, he does B. No, he doesn't.

( ) 5. What does Tom do on Saturdays?

A. He often plays computer games.

B. He often plays football and does homework.

C. He often watches TV and play ping-pong.

D. He often sings songs.


My Teacher


1. food 2. nice 3. two maps 4. fridge 5. Thursday

6. tasty 7. hurry 8. eggplant 9. do housework

10. I’d like some mutton.


1. Mr. Brown is short and thin.

2. I have hamburger and water for breadfast.

3. I often play computer games on Sundays.

4. It’s Friday, we have math and P.E. I like Fridays.

5. I’d like chicken, cabbage, grapes and eggplant.


1. Who’s your art teacher?

2. Mr Chen is Xiao Ming’s father, Is he young?

3. What day is it today?

4. What do you have for lunch today?

5. What’s your favourite food?


My name is Jack. I'm 10 years old. My favourite day is Monday. We have P.E. and computer class and we have potatoes for lunch. Potatoes are my favourite food. My favourite teacher is Mr Li. He is our art teacher. He is tall and strong. He is very active. I don't like grapes, because they are sour.

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