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一、 写出下列单词:

1、手表:_____ 2、蜡烛:_____3、图片:______4、照相机:

5、大衣:_____ 6、橡皮擦:______ 7、卷笔刀:______8、帮助

9、司机:_____10、记者:______11、医生:_____ 12、女警察:


tailor Canada Japan fireman France singer mouth actor Britain nurse waiter nose Germany dancer eye China farmer actress ear fireman

__________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________

一、 问一问,答一答。

1、Is your mother a farmer? _______________________

2、What`s your name? ___________________________

3、What does your father do? _____________________

4、What class are you in? _________________________

5、How old are you? _______________________

6、How many people are there in yourfamily?______________

7、Do you like playing the piano? ______________________

8、Where do you live? ________________________

二、 根据汉语意思选择相对应的英文句子。

( )1、你的父亲是做什么的?A、How`s your father ?

B、What`s your father`sjob ?

( )2、她擅长数学。 A 、She is good at maths.

B、 She`s interested in maths.

( )3、她看起来很滑稽。 A、 She looks very funny.

B 、She look funny.

( )4、这些是谁的气球? A 、Whose balloons are these?

B 、Whose balloon is this ?

( )5、这是你的卷笔刀吗? A、 Is this your sharpener?

B、 Is that your sharpener?

( )6、这是彼得的比萨饼吗?A Is this Peter pizza? B Is this Peter`s pizza ?

( )7、我擅长唱歌。 A、I`m good at sing. B、I`m good at singing

( )8、她喜欢放风筝吗? A 、Do she like flying a kite?

B、Does she like flying a kite ?

三、 选择:

( )1、----Is this Kate`s hamburger?-----Yes,_________

A、they are B、it is C、 it`s

( )2、-----Is this _____ soup ? -----No, it ________.

A、kate,isn`t B、they`re, his C、kate`s, isn`t

( )3、---- _____ mug is that ? ----- It`s _______

A、who, my B、whose, mine C、who, mine

( )4、Is that ________ schoolbag ?

A、you B、your C、yours

( )5、-----_______ nefw scarf is this ? ------It`s __________

A、who , hers B、Whose, hers C、whose,her

( )6、------Is that her skirt ? ------No,_________

A、it is B 、she is C 、it isn`t

( )7、They are going to________ a picture.

A 、play B、 take C、takes

( )8、Can I ______ the camera ?

A、see B、look at C、looks

( )9、I`ll take the picture______ you.

A、to B、in C、at

( )10、Put them________

A、at B、in C、away


My name is Lucy. I come from America. I`m a student of Grade Six.

My mother is a TV reporter . She often interviews people on TV. My father is an animal doctor. He takes care of pets. They like their jobs Very much.

( )1、Lucy is a Chinese girl. ( )2、Lucy`s father is a vet.

( )3、Lucy`s mother is an animal doctor.

( )4、Lucy`s father often interviews people.

五、小练笔:介绍下你的家庭,包括家庭成员都有哪些,都是做什么的? 都喜欢做什么?不少于45个单词,要求字迹工整,语句顺畅。

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