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小升初成套英语试题 12 人教版pep

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(人教PEP)小升初成套英语试题 12


( )1. A. holiday B. beautiful C. fantastic D. festival

( )2. A. yesterday B. certainly C. computer D. wonderful ( )3. A. born B. story C. forty D. sorry ( )4. A. Saturday B. nurse C. Thursday D. turn

( )5. A. young B. double C. country D. thought ( )6. A. headache B. school C. beach D. jacket

( )7. A. watched B. liked C. enjoyed D. jumped ( )8. A. clothes B. foxes C. oranges D. washes ( )9. A. crowded B. yellow C. allow D. brown

( )10. A. city B. circle C. cook D. nice


1. left(反义词) 2. teach

3. study(第三人称单数) 4. hear(同音词)

5. swim 6. one

7. we 8. warm(比较级)

9. photo 10. friend(形容词)


1. This (be)my grandma in 1992 .

2. It is the (tall)tower in the world .

3. Listen , who (read)English ?

4. Don’t forget make)our planet beautiful .

5. The people should (keep)the rivers clean .

6. Let’s (wear)cotton clothes .

7. We must (plant)more trees and grass .

8. Kate (give)us a talk about the rare animals . It was very interesting .

9. This kind of wild animals (live)in the forests .

10. We are trying protect)the pandas .


用心 爱心 专心 1

( )1. I met a friend of mine I was walking on the street .

A. before B. after C. when D. if

( )2. The teacher said to the student with a smile, “ It’s nice you so .”

A. for , doing B. of , to do C. of , doing D. for , to

( )3. She met her teacher the way .

A. in , home B. on , to home C. at , home D. on , home

( )4. There many people in the park yesterday .

A. was B. are C. is D. were

( )5. is too difficult if you want to do it .

A. Something B. Everything C. Anything D. Nothing

( )6. I’m sorry I’m late because I catch the first bus .

A. don’t B. didn’t C. won’t D. shan’t

( )7. of the bread is left . I ate most of it .

A. Little B. Few C. A few D. A little

( )8. There is beef here . I most of it .

A. not , eat B. no any , ate C. no , ate D. not a , eats

( )9. Beijing is a nice place to .

A. live B. live in C. lives D. went

( )10. of those students ill yesterday .

A. All , are B. One , is C. Some , was D. One , was

( )11. I’d like music .

A. listening to B. listen to C. to listen to D. to listen

( )12. The Summer Palace is a nice place me to walk .

A. for , around B. to , on C. on , around D. at , over

( )13. Sydney Opera House is in .

A. America B. Canada C. Australia D. Britain

( )14. you draw a picture for him tomorrow ?

A. Do , want B. Are , going to C. Can , want D. Would , like ( )15. We learned a lot the history of China .

A. on B. about C. at D. in

( )16. You should learn things real life .

A. do , at B. to do , from C. by doing , at D. do , from

( )17. Don’t get off the bus it has stopped .

A. to B. if C. until D. for

用心 爱心 专心 2

( )18. She to school her mother’s car yesterday .

A. goes , in B. went , at C. goes , to D. went , in ( )19. Everybody should obey the traffic rules .

A. learn B. learning C. learned D. learn to ( )20. She very pleased his new house .

A. is , to B. was , with C. were , about D. was , in


1. Did you have a good time ?(同义句)

2. I was born in Tianjin .(划线提问)

3. We went to the cinema yesterday .(否定句)

4. Tom lives in America .(five years ago)

5. What’s wrong with you ?(同义句)

6. He didn’t go to school this morning .(肯定句)

7. There are a few children in the park , ?(反意疑问句)

8. Can you tell me the way to the cinema ?(同义句)

How can I the cinema ?

9. They are going to take a plane to Sanya .(同义句)

They are going to Sanya .

10. How do you like the book ?(同义句)

11. Did the boy in the classroom see his teacher ?(肯定句)

12. Where does he live ? Do you know ?(合并为宾语从句)

13. Must I stay here now ?(否定回答)

14. Don’t you want to make our country more beautiful ?(肯定回答)

用心 爱心 专心 3

15. Please look after the flowers well .(同义句)

16. She didn’t come back home (划线提问)

17. We learned to do in groups .(划线提问)

18. Don’t leave the lights on when you go out , please .(同义句)

Please when you go out .


Once there was an old man in a town . He always forgot(忘记)a lot of things . So his wife always said to him , “ Don’t forget this . ”

One day he went on a long trip himself . Before he left home , his wife said , “ Now you have all these things . Take care of your things during the trip . ” He went to the station , bought a ticket and got on the train with it .

About half an hour later , the conductor began to see the tickets . He came to the old man and said , “ Please show me your ticket . ” The old man looked for his ticket in all his pockets(口袋), but he could not find it . He was very worried . “ I can’t find my ticket . I really bought a ticket . ” said the old man .

“ I believe(相信)you . All right , you don’t have to buy another one .” said the conductor kindly . “ But I don’t know where I’m going ? — I can’t remember my station ! ” the old man said sadly . ( )1. The old man in the story was very .

A. kind B. poor C. forgetful D. sad

( )2. Where is the ticket ?

A. The old man forgot to buy it .

B. The old man could not remember where it is .

C. The old man showed it to the conductor .

D. The old man’s wife took the ticket away .

( )3. The old man bought the ticket he got on the train .

A. after B. before C. as D. when

( )4. The conductor the old man .

A. didn’t believe B. laughed at C. believed D. felt sorry for

( )5. The old man was sad because .

A. he had to buy another ticket

用心 爱心 专心 4

B. he lost all the things his wife gave him

C. he didn’t know where he was

D. he did not know where he should get off

用心 爱心 专心5

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